Fonteva Success Packages

Fíonta offers several managed services plans to meet the support needs of virtually every organization that has implemented Fonteva AMS.

All plans are offered as annual subscriptions and can be tailored to meet your association’s needs.

Year One Success Plan

Designed to ensure the first year of an AMS launch is successful by optimizing the staff experience and ensuring key business goals are met.

Premium Improvement Plan

Designed to support clients once they are live and stable. A monthly allocation of hours is used to address a prioritized backlog of issues and improvements. Fíonta will install and coordinate testing of one Fonteva upgrade per year with time reserved for remediating issues caused by the upgrade and recommend system changes to leverage new product features.

Platinum Improvement Plan

Comprehensive support package that builds on the Premium plan and includes two Fonteva upgrades per year and emphasizes ongoing system governance, staff monitoring and support, and stakeholder reporting.