9 Highlights from Salesforce.org Spring 2018 Release

If you haven’t had a chance to review the copious release notes, and you’re not sure which of the many features would be useful to you, we’ve streamlined our top picks for nonprofits.

1. Pardot Multi-touch Attribution

Are you a Pardot marketer? If so, it just became easier to determine which campaigns are driving donations. Check out this video for more insight into this awesome feature!

2. Lightning Report Builder

The beta has been rolled out to make it easier than ever to create and update reports in Lightning. With the proper permissions, your users can now create simple reports in minutes, adding filters, bucketing and summarizing data, and more! This video provides some great examples of how it works.

3. GDPR Compliance Strategy

There is now a Salesforce ‘Individual object’ available to support an individual’s right to privacy and security. Enabling the ability to track simple consent and intent to exercise rights, this object allows for the deletion of data at both the individual and organization level. Read more about GDPR readiness or check out our GDPR assessment package.

4. Bidirectional Calendar Sync for Exchange 2013 and 2016

If you’ve setup Lightning Sync for Microsoft Exchange, you can rest assured that events scheduled with contacts will update bidirectionally. No double entry and total peace of mind!

5. Spring 2018 Release Trailhead

Learn more about Spring Release features while earning your Trailhead badges by signing in to Salesforce, logging into your trailhead account, and head over to the Spring 18 Release Highlights Trailhead Module.

6. Community Cloud Calendar Component

Community Cloud Spring 2018Using Salesforce Communities? It is now easy to share calendars in Lightning Communities! Using the month, week or day view, Community users can see their own and other’s scheduled and completed events. Check out this video for more details.

7. Salesforce Surveys

Salesforce SurveysNow native to Salesforce Lightning, gather feedback from your users, supporters, and directly on Community Pages. Any user can now build and brand, send, take and analyze survey results. Questions can be in 5 formats currently, with the option to require and add a description to each question. See a sample survey here.

8. Personalize Your Lightning Experience with MyLightning

MyLightningFrom adding, reordering and renaming items on your NavBar to choosing the colors and branding on your screen to making your pages more dynamic, MyLightning gives more control to Users than ever before. Learn more about personalizing your lightning experience with this video.

9. Account and Contact Hierarchy Icon

Contact HierarchyIn Lightning, viewing your account hierarchy is now as simple as a click of an icon! See that new tiered flowchart icon to the right of the Account name on the page? Click it on either the Account or Contact record in lightning and see related parent/child accounts and a contact hierarchy.

Need Some Help?

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