All About…Pardot: March 2021

It’s March again. Wasn’t it just March for about 412 days? I do hope this email reaches you during a time of renewed hope as we begin to emerge from this dark year. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting back to conferences and events and in-person learning, but I am always grateful to have you in my virtual Pardot community!

When reviewing the articles and blogs that I’ve earmarked over the past month, one theme jumped out at me – building connections through storytelling. There’s nothing like a good story to pull a user in and engender trust. And, we all know the very best stories leave one wanting more, providing your organization with a natural hook for conversions. As usual, you’ll see a mix of Pardot-specific and broader marketing engagement resources below. Let me know what speaks to you!

Karin Tracy, Pardot Practice Lead / VP Marketing

PARDOT SPRING ’21 RELEASE: Release Webinar

Think about how much work you put into creating your campaigns (donor or member engagement, onboarding, continued learning, etc.) and the Pardot marketing assets that support them (forms, landing pages, snippets, etc.). Spring ’21 release brings us Clone with Related…leave those days of cloning, renaming, and reassigning assets to a new Campaign in the past. 

INFOGRAPHIC: A Nonprofit Storytelling How-To

There’s much to love about this infographic – charming illustrative style, a strong woman hero, and a simple but powerful recipe for a good story. Thanks to our friends at Classy for this!

ARTICLE: How To Create a Culture of Storytelling at Your Nonprofit

“Stories will help you express your mission to people who may know nothing about you or your cause initially. Statistics may shock and awe for a moment, but they will rarely get people to take action. And action is the key, because that is what nonprofit communication is all about!”

I’d add to this to note that segmentation and personalization in Pardot is what allows you to share the right story to the right individual. Marrying a compelling story with the right distribution tool is the golden ticket.

BLOG: Lose the Paper and PowerPoint: A More Effective Approach to Onboarding Association Members
In this blog, we take a quick spin down memory lane to the days of dullsville new member onboarding and then dive into creative ways to engage with new members and to set them up for success. Hint: Pardot segmentation and Engagement Paths make a guest appearance!

WEBINAR: Keys to Driving Webinar and Event Registration
Hosted by the American Marketing Association, this webinar on 3/16 at 11am PT / 2pm ET will cover subject lines, email send times, A/B testing, and offer creative ideas for filling the “room”.

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