All About…Pardot: September 2021

Wow, it’s September…2021. Back to school for many, and if you’re a parent with a child in school, know that I’m sending you positive and healthy vibes. There are a smattering of industry events on my calendar in person for the first time since early 2020. While I have some trepidation about a return to physical conferences, I am excited to be able to share space and experiences face-to-face (mask to mask!) again.

This month, I’ve highlighted some upcoming events and provided yet another Apple privacy update that will affect email opens and reporting. And, with a renewed focus on events, I’m happy to share a webinar by the American Marketing Association about designing events around diversity and inclusion.

As always, stay safe and b​​​​​e well,

Karin Tracy, Pardot Practice Lead / VP Marketing

EVENT: ParDreamin’ Registration

ParDreamin’ registration is live, and the virtual event (10/27-10/29) is looking pretty spectacular! Check out the schedule and pre-conference events, which includes a special half-day workshop called Pardot for .org. I’ll be there, will you?

ARTICLE: Apple’s Privacy Features, con’t…

If you’ve been paying attention, Apple and Google both are implementing new privacy features that, while critically important, will have ramifications for Pardot admins. From Google dropping support for third-party tracking to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), changes are coming that Pardot admins need to prepare for. I covered MPP in July’s email, and Pardot issued an article about the privacy features and what you can do in advance. Contact us if you’d like to discuss an audit of your Pardot instance and recommendations for managing these changes to the email marketing landscape.

EVENT: Tahoe Dreamin’

Are you familiar with the volunteer-led, regional events called Dreamin’ conferences? They’re small in scale but offer myriad opportunities for learning and networking. This year’s event is in person (10/28-10/20) in beautiful South Lake Tahoe (please send good thoughts as our brave firefighters work to contain California’s Caldor fire). Fíonta is proud to be a sponsor, and I’d love to see any of my local-ish friends there! Proof of vaccination is required, and registration is live.

WEBINAR: Get Ready to Move…Your Data

My colleague Jenifer Alonzo will lead a webinar next Tuesday (9/14) at 11am PT / 2pm ET about preparing your data for an upcoming migration project. Jenifer will share resources and ideas for getting started in advance of selecting or working with a vendor and automation tools and pitfalls to be aware of.

Advance registration is required.

TOOLS: Third-Party Apps to Enhance Pardot Functionality

You likely know of the Salesforce AppExchange, and your organization’s business needs may be supported by third-party Apps already. In a piece of exciting news, Pardot has announced that a Pardot collection is now available on the AppExchange. This collection features several apps from Salesforce partners and will continue to grow as Pardot’s market share increases.

WEBINAR: How to Design Your Events Around Diversity and Inclusion

Sponsored by the American Marketing Association, this webinar includes tips and strategies for planning and executing events “with purpose, inclusion, and authenticity.” 

Attendees will learn:

  • How every angle of planning an event (promotion, speaker selection, etc.) impacts an individual’s ability to feel included
  • Tips for avoiding the pitfalls of outdated thinking
  • Opportunities that you can use to ensure vibrancy at your events

More information and registration

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