All About…Pardot: October 2020

What feels like many moons ago—back in the day of hordes of people congregating in hotel ballrooms—I watched a demo of the new Pardot email builder. Since Dreamforce ’19, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the its release. And it’s now, almost, here!

From a drag-and-drop interface to reusable components and intelligent and organized file storage, this is a major upgrade! As with all new releases, there are caveats. Fíonta is still learning about the configuration changes needed and there are elements of Pardot functionality that don’t work yet in the new editor (like Engagement Studio and Dynamic Content in emails). Of import, nothing will change in your current instance or workflow with the new release until you are ready to move forward.

The release is staggered – if you know your Salesforce instance, go to Salesforce Trust, click on your instance name, and then click Maintenances. If you’re a Fionta client, feel free to reply to this email and I’ll get you the answer!

Karin Tracy, Pardot Practice Lead / VP Marketing

DEMO: New Email Editor

Scroll down to Marketing and click WATCH DEMOS. Pardot email builder is the third available video.

Hold onto your seat!

RECORDED WEBINAR: Reimagine Content Creation with How to Use Email Metrics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how to use the drag and drop email template builder to design beautiful Pardot email templates, send emails created in Lightning Content Builder through a new list send experience in the Pardot Lightning App, and enable teams to share content and data to stay coordinated

This on-demand webinar is 52 minutes long and provides a deep dive into the new editor along with a sneak peak into other Winter ’21 features.

DEMO: Building a Membership Renewal Engagement Path with Pardot and Fonteva Data

We just finished up exhibiting and sponsoring at FUNcon ’20 – Fonteva’s annual user conference and I gave a live demo about how to leverage data from Custom Objects (like Fonteva records) in Salesforce to segment lists, personalize emails, and drive Engagement Paths.

The principles covered in the demo can be applied beyond membership renewal, too! Any campaign with a defined call to action and success metric like donation, required coursework, etc. can leverage the power of Engagement Studio with known data in Salesforce and Salesforce Custom Objects.

BLOG: A Brief History of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot

Salesforce Ben put together this chronology of Salesforce marketing automation tools, Pardot and Marketing Cloud. was purchased way back in 2006 by co-founders David Cummings and Adam Blitzer and the software was launched the following year.

A fast and entertaining read that places the two tools on a timeline and also well illustrates the components joined to create the Marketing Cloud of today.

TRAINING: Top Trends in Nonprofit Marketing in 2020

Are you a Trailblazer? Salesforce Trailhead is a fun and free way to learn about the Salesforce platform. I’ve put together a custom Trailmix for clients as they take the reins towards the end of a Pardot project. Modules include campaigns, forms, lists, emails, and engagement paths.

Need to set up a Trailhead account? Head on over to this helpful getting started page. 

And while you’re on Trailhead, check out the Winter ’21 release module (release notes for Pardot and other Clouds including Nonprofit Cloud and Community Cloud.

BLOG: 4 Must-Do Tasks for a Successful Year-End Campaign

“You’re putting together your year-end campaign. You’re doing your research to write the best appeal letters and emails. It’s a lot of work and you wonder, “What if we don’t reach our fundraising goal?” I’ll let you in on a secret–everyone worries about their year-end campaign. But the best fundraisers don’t let that stop them. They take a proactive approach to their fundraising success.”

Four straightforward, must-do tasks that your organization can begin today as Giving Season quickly approaches.

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