All About…Salesforce: January 2021

I am writing this email on the eve of the inauguration of our 46th President and Vice President. The turmoil of this election and this past year seems like a bad dream, but it is all too real at the same time. Our staff has come together during this difficult time to support each other in a way that continually surprises me and gives me hope for the healing of some of the divisions that currently fracture our society.

One of Fíonta’s core values that I have seen on display a lot recently both internally and with clients is “meet people and organizations where they are.” With all of the uncertainty in our daily lives, we are constantly meeting our clients and our teammates where they are and providing some certainty by successfully delivering quality projects for new and returning clients.

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Salesforce require a community to come together to share their struggles with technology and to provide feedback on priorities for their product roadmaps. The ability to influence product design is not unique to Salesforce, but the company and their engineers strongly believe that community ideas are a key component to the platform’s success. Over the next fourteen days, you have the ability to influence those priorities. Make your voice heard.

The Spring ’21 release features several community-led / promoted ideas and the release window started on January 16th. February 6th, 12th & 13th are the other three release dates. You can find when your specific instance is moving to Spring ’21 by going to Salesforce Trust and entering your instance name into the search bar. Your instance name can be found by going to Setup in your Salesforce org and clicking Company Information in the quick find bar. As always, try your best to get into your Sandboxes that are on preview of the new release to get ahead of the release and test your functionality against the changes that are coming.

There are lots of goodies that are being released. Salesforce Ben released a blog with his ten favorite Spring ’21 features. I’m excited about Salesforce Meetings for group collaboration and In-App Learning which offers contextual Trailhead learning based on your role and/or the type of Salesforce Object you’re interacting with. As always, please reach out if you’d like to talk about how these new features could be applied to your unique business needs.

Jordan Berger, Senior Salesforce Consultant

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