All About…Salesforce: February 2022

Spring is starting to show signs of appearing here, the weather has consistently been warmer, and I’ve noticed more birds on the feeders. I recently tapped my maple trees, and I spent the weekend collecting my buckets and evaporating them into maple syrup. In Salesforce news, I’ll be repeating my call for action on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), talking about Fíonta’s impressive user experience offerings and a game-changing new inline editing feature that’s being rolled out in the Spring ‘22 release. 


TIME SENSITIVE! Multi-Factor Authentication Is Now Required

On February 1, 2022, Salesforce required customers to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in order to access Salesforce products. While Salesforce has not auto-enabled this feature, you are under contractual obligation to implement MFA. MFA is an effective way to protect your Salesforce data, and we would like to remind you to prioritize tackling the enablement.

Here are ways you can get started:

Option 1: Read our blog post that outlines the set-up process and work with your Salesforce administrator to implement this internally.

Option 2: Or, if you’re a Fíonta client, schedule a billable meeting with your technical lead. Our services will include a 1:1 meeting with your technical lead, automated analysis of your profile permissions, and two to three hours of configurations. You will also receive a document outlining the plan with the next steps for your end users. Finally, you will have peace of mind that we will handle any issues that may arise with existing integrations, as well as a path forward.

RESOURCE User Experience (UX) Is a Key Driver of Success in Technology Projects

Whether we realize it or not, every piece of technology we interact with delivers a user experience. Sometimes our experience using technology is seamless and easy. Typically, when we do notice the user experience it’s because we were presented with a challenge and became frustrated. Creating apps or even physical products that are easy to use does not happen without intention. Building digital experiences to meet stated requirements may create a tool that can technically do “all the things”, but it doesn’t mean we’ve built an experience people will embrace.

Can you imagine if someone completely redesigned the interior of your home but never even consulted with you about your aesthetic style or the way your family uses each unique space? That might be a fun idea for a reality TV show (anyone remember Trading Spaces?) but definitely not a desirable real-world experience.

Creating positive experiences starts by talking to the actual end users so we can design solutions that keep their needs front and center. By engaging with these valuable individuals or groups at the onset of a project, we increase the overall chances for successful and enthusiastic adoption of the technical solution.

At Fíonta we understand how important it is to understand the needs of our clients’ end users. Whether it’s running a workshop to observe first-hand what challenges people face with a system or creating prototypes to build consensus before coding and configuring, we have the tools to work with your team and uncover the best solutions. Reach out to discuss how we can support you in your user experience needs as they support overall adoption.

RELEASE Spring Release is Here

The final date for the Spring ‘22 release was yesterday (2/15/2022) so you may already be taking advantage of new features and enhancements delivered by Salesforce. I want to call out what my colleague, Katie Jones, has called a “game-changing enhancement”, the ability to in-line edit records from a report. This feature has been in open beta since the Winter ‘22 release but will now be generally available (GA). You can find more information on the feature development in this blog post and if you have specific questions about this and how it can improve your users’ ability to modify Salesforce data, please reach out.

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