All About…Salesforce: March 2023

Happy Spring! The season of new beginnings and (hopefully) warmer weather. I’ve been looking forward to spring all winter to see if my bees would make it through winter, and I’m happy to report that, so far, they are thriving. I’ve got a few more weeks (read, months) of winter ahead of me here in upstate New York, but this string of warm days has me preparing my bathing suit and summer attire. This month has been exciting, with lots of news coming from Salesforce. In this month’s email, I provide some context on the recent release of Nonprofit Cloud for case and program management, upcoming events from Salesforce and our partners, new(ish) partnerships that we are thrilled about, and a fantastic announcement from Salesforce about free integration user licenses.

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NEW PRODUCT: Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce released its newest offering for nonprofits called Nonprofit Cloud. It is an excellent option for our nonprofit clients who want to leverage the latest technology for program management and case management. Nonprofit Cloud is built on the Salesforce core, so you can take advantage of innovations developed across several Salesforce industries. Some key differences include a new data model that moves from the traditional NPSP Household Model to an industry data model that includes Person Accounts and Household support. Innovation is critical in the nonprofit sector, and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you. I’ve co-authored a blog that includes more detailed information. If you have questions on how this impacts you, feel free to put time on my calendar to discuss. We will publish another blog for current Salesforce customers over the coming week.

EVENT: Salesforce Certification Days

Now is an excellent opportunity for current and prospective Salesforce admins to brush up on their experience and get ready to get certified. Two Administrator Certification Days are coming up – March 23 and 28. Not only will you skill up, but you will also receive a voucher for $40 off your certification exam fee. Don’t miss it!

PARTNERSHIPS: Delivering Additional Value to our Clients

A select cohort of Nonprofit Practice Consultants as well as our Business Development Team, just completed an intensive multi-day enablement with Vera Solutions on Amp Impact, their best-in-class native Salesforce impact measurement solution. My team and I are thrilled with their application’s content and exposure and will work closely with Vera Solutions over the coming months to implement and customize their solution to meet your needs. If you’re interested in learning more on how your organization can track outcomes, performance indicators, implementation, and cost-effectiveness of your portfolio, please reach out for more details.

Fíonta has inked a partnership with Omatic. OmaticCloud is a Salesforce AppExchange Solution that delivers purpose-built application integration solutions for social-impact organizations. Some highlighted pre-built integrations that can build on native integrations include Classy, EveryAction, and LuminateOnline. In addition, if you have complex data import requirements for processes like Benevity gift handling or other flat files, you can leverage OmaticCloud to normalize and transform the data to fit your Salesforce data model. We are excited to partner with Omatic on some of our more complex use cases to ensure our customers spend as little time as possible on manual processes​​​​​​.

Fíonta has also solidified a partnership with Boomi, an established integration and automation leader with over 20,000 global customers across all industries. We partnered with Boomi to help our shared customers implement the integration platform so that organizations always have access to their data, wherever it resides. The ability to connect everything to everyone and allow those teams to focus more on their missions.

BEST PRACTICE: Integration User(s)

During Salesforce’s TrailBlazer DX conference earlier this month, Salesforce announced that as of March 14, 2023, customers would be able to take advantage of five FREE Integration user licenses. This offering is a huge step forward for our current and future customers who understand it’s best practice to have at least one integration user for your applications that interact with Salesforce. The license(s) are for system-to-system integrations, not human users needing to access Salesforce data or features through any user interface.

Having an integration user ensures our clients can follow Salesforce data management and security best practices while at the same time not breaking the bank. We recommend that for each integration, you have one named integration user. Please contact your Salesforce account executive if your organization requires additional integration user licenses.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Will We See You There?

2023 Nonprofit Technology Conference (Sponsor and Exhibitor)
Denver, CO
April 12-14

DC World Tour
Washington, DC
April 19

Classy Collaborative (Sponsor)
Philadelphia, PA 
June 7-8