All About…Salesforce: April 2022

Happy Spring! I’ve been waiting all winter to say that! Upstate NY weather has been iffy of late. We had a few 75-degree days last week, snow this weekend, and back to 65 today. Whiplash! I installed two new beehives on Friday and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and eventually harvest the honey.

In this month’s email, I’ll be talking about recent product name changes, providing a sneak peek of some flow updates coming in the Summer ‘22 release, sharing the compiled Fonteva Finance ebook written by my colleague Katie Jones, as well as some reminders on recommendations for summer cleanup of your Salesforce org.


PRODUCT UPDATE: What’s in a Name?

The journey of Salesforce enhanced analytics products has been a long one. From Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM in late 2020 following Salesforce’s acquisition of the Tableau suite of products. Fast forward to last week when Salesforce announced that Tableau CRM has been renamed, Salesforce CRM Analytics.

And, while we’re talking about name changes, did you hear that Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement? There are no differences in the product as of yet (in fact, the icon in the top left of the App still reads Pardot) but there may be branding changes to come in the future.

UPCOMING RELEASE:  Summer ’22 – The Summer of Flow

Salesforce is continuing to invest in its robust declarative automation tool. Flow and Summer ‘22 include robust enhancements, including type-ahead addresses using Google, formulas as entry criteria, formula builder, and syntax checker. One of my favorite resources, UnofficialSF, has more information on what we can expect. Get amped!

While release notes will be available on April 27, we can always count on Salesforce Ben to scope out goodies in the pre-release org. Updates to Flow are on their list as well (great minds!) from new templates to listing Flows in Object Manager and more. Take part in Salesforce Ben’s “Summer ‘22 Treasure Hunt” and be sure to reach out if you have questions about how your organization can take advantage of new functionality.

SUMMER CLEANING: It’s Not Just for Spring Season

This summer, Salesforce will retire Workflow Rules and Process Builders. The current timelines and dates are:

  • The initial migration tool with support for Workflow Rules translation to Flow was released in Spring ’22.
  • Additional support for Process Builder migration is currently estimated for Winter ’23 (and dependent on feedback from the initial migration tool).
  • Salesforce’s current plan is to begin blocking the ability to create new processes and workflows in Winter ’23, pending successful migrations and community input.

More information will be provided by Salesforce in the coming weeks, but this article is a helpful starting point. It describes the reasons for the change and provides details about how Salesforce will coach customers on the move to Flow. We recognize that this is a big change and it is important to begin thinking about how the retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builders will impact your Salesforce org. We are currently working with multiple clients to audit existing automations and chart a path towards consolidation and optimization in Flow. If you have questions about how this will impact your org or would like to create a triage plan for cleaning up deprecated Workflow Rules and Process Builders, please hit reply.

E-BOOK: Fonteva Finance App – Comprehensive Resources for the Association Finance Professional

From August 2021 through February of this year, my colleague Katie Jones led a series all about Fonteva Finance aimed at association finance professionals. Each month she published a blog about a specific topic and followed up with a 30-minute webinar related to the topic of the month. We have compiled her seven blogs into a downloadable e-book complete with screenshots of the Fonteva Finance interface. Let me know what you think!

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Let’s Talk About Outbound Funds

Salesforce introduced its Outbound Funds Module (OFM) back in 2020, and since then this free tool has been implemented by many organizations to manage outgoing grants and awards. But how do you know if OFM might be right for your organization? And what precisely can you do with it?

My colleague Cooper Westbrook led an hour-long webinar focused on the nuts and bolts of OFM last month and it’s now available on-demand.

He covered the different kinds of funding programs OFM can track, what types of requests you can accept, and how you can leverage OFM for better engagement with your applicants and award recipients. The presentation includes a demo so you can see how OFM integrates with your Salesforce data.