All About…Salesforce: July 2022

July is starting out to be a wild month. A robin has decided to nest outside my office window and peers at me suspiciously as I gesticulate on Zoom calls. Our neighborhood bear traipses around at night and rummages in trash cans. And last week, I had my first major run-in with my bees during an inspection that ended with bees in my pant legs and a whole lot of Benadryl. Thankfully, on the Salesforce front, things seem to be progressing at a more stable pace than in my neighborhood. 


WINTER ’23: Shiny New Things

All things in my area may point to summer but the upcoming Winter ‘23 Salesforce release dates have already been announced. Updates will be released over the weekends of September 10, October 8, and October 15, 2022. Winter ’23 Pre-Release Orgs will be available on August 11 (just three weeks from tomorrow!) As new features are highlighted by Salesforce and within the ecosystem, I’ll be sure to share the best of the best with you in future emails. 

BLOG: Marketing Cloud vs. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Pardot has a new name: Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. It’s a mouthful, but our team explains why the name changed, what didn’t change, and how MCAE stacks up to Marketing Cloud for nonprofits and associations. At least now we won’t have to tell clients how to pronounce Pardot (Is it Par-dough or Par-dot?)!

RESOURCES: Five Chrome Extensions Every Admin Needs

Here at Fionta, we spend a ton of time logged into Salesforce doing configuration, coding, and training. Over time, we have put together a list of Chrome Extensions that make certain tasks easier and more efficient. If you or your Salesforce admins are taking advantage of these or others, I’d love to know about it! This abbreviated list of Chrome Extensions really brings the heat. 

  • Colored Favicons so I know which org I’m in.
  • EyeDropper to grab hex #s for quick brand color reference.
  • Salesforce Production Warning adds a border on the screen to indicate that to you are working in Production.
  • Salesforce Inspector to quickly get access to Salesforce metadata information from a record even if it isn’t on the layout 
  • Salesforce Mass Editor turns any Salesforce list view into a powerful mass editor, allowing admins to mass insert, clone, update, and delete –  real time saver

BLOG: Building Employee Community Through Slack

In a remote-first work culture, how do you create meaningful connections?

At Fíonta, we are leveraging Slack for more than productivity. We’re building an inclusive and supportive environment for sharing and connecting beyond work. Fíontans are welcome to share their favorite hobbies and celebrate special family moments but can also discuss parenting concerns, social issues, and current affairs. Read on and feel free to take some of our community-building ideas into your organization.

EVENT: Registration Open Now for ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition

Back in person for the first time since 2019, ASAE Annual will be held August 20-23. Fíonta will be on the ground with four representatives, giving one presentation, networking at our booth, and sponsoring not one but two parties with Fonteva and Association Analytics! We want to know if you’re planning on attending. 

Yes, I am!