All About…Web: May 2021

This month’s resources are united by one concept: strategy. Whether it’s planning your roadmap for a new project or finding your way out of the day-to-day weeds to focus on what really matters, strategy is the key to success. This edition includes tips on accessibility considerations for your DEI strategy, important information on planning for Drupal end of life dates, a course to help you plan your organization’s next big digital project, and an inspiring article on how one nonprofit leveraged their Google Analytics data to find more volunteers. Read on and remember to KISS — which in this case means Keep it Strategic, Smarty!

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– Erin Rickard, Digital Services Manager

BLOG: Is Digital Accessibility Missing from Your Association’s Inclusion Strategy?

If your organization is one of many working to create or deepen your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan this year, have you considered accessibility as part of your strategy? Digital accessibility not only improves inclusion for the one in four U.S. adults who have some form of disability, it also makes the user experience better for everyone. Read our blog post for guidance on making your website, virtual events, and online education more accessible.

WEBINAR: Drupal 7 and 8 End of Life: What You Need to Know Now and How to Plan for the Upgrade to D9

ICYMI, the recording is now available from our webinar last month detailing how to prepare for Drupal 7 and 8’s upcoming end of life dates. We discuss the scope and timeline for common upgrade scenarios, other factors in your digital roadmap to consider when planning your upgrade, and how to plan for site maintenance on Drupal 9 and beyond. Check it out to ensure you have the necessary steps included in your roadmaps for 2021 and 2022.

COURSE: Digital Success for Nonprofits
When you’re embarking on a site redesign or other major digital project, you must begin with the end in mind. What are the project goals against which you’ll measure a successful return on investment? The Nonprofit Technology Conference is offering a course on May 19 that will guide you through the steps of auditing your website, defining your goals, and developing your content strategy. Having your vision in place before you send out that RFP or choose your CMS will go a long way to ensuring the project will align with your organization’s strategic vision.

ARTICLE: Drupal for Marketers
Drupal has a reputation as a “developer’s CMS” that belies the benefits it has for the site administrators in marketing and content editing roles who ultimately drive site strategy. This article from Pantheon outlines Drupal features for marketers and editors to leverage including marketing automation integrations, Layout Builder, and the Media Library. If you’re not sure whether Drupal or WordPress is the right CMS for your organization, Pantheon’s blog post here or our series (part 1 and part 2) comparing and contrasting these two powerhouse content management systems will provide food for thought.

ARTICLE:A nonprofit finds volunteers with the new Google Analytics
You may have heard of the “New Google Analytics,” aka Google Analytics 4, a product distinct from the standard Universal Analytics. Google Analytics 4 provides the ability to track a website and an application in the same platform and AI-driven modeling to extrapolate assumptions from data, among other features. In this article, Google explores how the nonprofit 412 Food Rescue used data from Analytics to recruit more volunteers to redistribute surplus food to those in need. This case study in tracking user engagement to shape successful strategy offers useful insights for any nonprofit, no matter which GA tool you use.

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