All About…Web: July 2021

Achieving a digital transformation for your nonprofit or association may not be as easy as waving a wand, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as moving a mountain. This month’s web resources offer suggestions for an incremental approach, how to include the often-overlooked culture factor in your plans, and different methods to consider when budgeting for your project.

Also read on for resources to help you choose the best CMS for your site rebuild, evaluate your site SEO, and learn the key Google Analytics metrics for nonprofits.

If you’d like to discuss ways to make incremental improvements to your website, set up a Google Analytics dashboard, or dive into a site rebuild project, please feel free to put time on our calendar to chat!

– Erin Rickard, Digital Services Manager

ARTICLE: Three Ways Digital Transformation Can Add Value To Your Association

Taking on a “digital transformation” can sound overwhelming in the best of times, and especially now for associations still adjusting to the impacts of the pandemic. Association Now offers suggestions for a manageable approach through smaller projects, including launching a podcast for member outreach, pursuing cross-department collaboration, and integrating your website and AMS for a seamless user experience.

ARTICLE: 7 Steps To Actually Accomplish A Digital Transformation

Delving deeper into the digital transformation concept, Sidecar addresses a major but often unspoken barrier to a successful strategy: organizational culture. This article discusses barriers to that all-important cross-department collaboration, highlights technologies to consider as part of your strategy beyond web and social media including artificial intelligence and data analytics, and outlines the key steps to a successful transformation.

ARTICLE: Optimizing your business website: Top 5 SEO Trends to follow in 2021

Last month we highlighted the importance of EAT – Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – in Google’s search ranking guidelines. This article from Pantheon recaps how the EAT approach supersedes the old emphasis on keywords, and covers other priorities to consider in your SEO strategy including mobile-friendliness, long-form content, and the new Core Web Vitals metrics including load time, interactivity, and visual stability.

COURSE: Intro to Google Analytics

Nonprofits embracing a data-driven, value-based web strategy who want to quickly get up to speed on the most relevant features of Google Analytics can check out NTEN’s upcoming course on August 4. Learn the key metrics important to nonprofits and how to use them to identify areas for improvement on your website and to assess the impact of outreach efforts.

WEBINAR Why an Open Source CMS Is the Best Choice for Agile Teams

It’s no secret we at Fionta are big fans of the open-source content management systems WordPress and Drupal. Both we and our clients love what they offer as flexible platforms for development as well as their intuitive and powerful site administration experiences. If you’re weighing one of these platforms against a proprietary system for your next website redesign, check out Pantheon’s webinar on July 20 which will delve into the most frequently raised questions IT teams have about open source CMS and why they are a good option to future-proof your website.

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