All About…Web: September 2021

Intentional captures the common thread of this month’s newsletter. In the nonprofit and association world where everyone is juggling multiple deadlines and wearing multiple hats, it’s easy to dive into a project without much intentional planning. The website needs to be updated and content needs to be posted, after all! These resources make the argument for pausing to consider your goals and processes before running full steam ahead, whether on a member engagement plan, site redesign, or content audit. We invite you to slow down, take a breath, and use these resources to guide intentional planning for your next project. 

If you’d like to talk more about planning your website redesign, content audit or other web project, please feel free to put time on our calendar to chat!

– Erin Rickard, Digital Services Manager

ARTICLE: Tactics for Sustaining High Member Engagement Levels

Good news for associations: a recent survey of 4,000 virtual event attendees found that 56% say they are more engaged with their association than before the pandemic. Now that you have more of your members’ attention, Association Now explains that a digital-first strategy, including virtual events, webinars, online community platforms, and social media, will be essential to keep it. Check out the article for additional insights including the importance of engaging members who may be increasingly specialized and interested in connecting with peers in similar roles at other organizations.

COURSE: Anatomy of a Website Redesign

The ability to prioritize and communicate the needs and goals for your organization’s website redesign is critical to its success. This course from NTEN can help you prepare before your project kicks off. Covering how to identify your organization’s needs, understanding the phases of a redesign, and the roles of the team involved along the way, learn how to effectively manage the process from this week-long course (and then check out our Principles of a Successful Project Partnership for more project-management tips).

Date: October 13, 2021; course registration

ARTICLE: How to Conduct an Effective Content Audit

While it can be tedious, a content audit is well worth the time and attention during your site redesign. The process will be less daunting with these tips from Associations Now, outlining the concept of content modeling, tools to automate content inventories, and the key qualitative and quantitative questions to ask as you evaluate your content..

ARTICLE: Content Has Never Been More Important — But Good Content is Hard

Now that the pandemic has moved more of our lives online, good web content is more important than ever. GatherContent makes the case for content as a product, and achieving a quality product through intentional content workflow and content operations teams. Check out the Content Operations Maturity Model to identify the gaps at your organization.

ARTICLE  Why Does a Nonprofit Organization Need SEO?

To help build your case for including SEO in your nonprofit’s digital strategy, this article from Nonprofit Hub outlines the reasons why ranking highly in search engines is important for nonprofits. From the primary goals of reaching more people and earning more donations, to the less obvious but impactful objectives of improving page speed and accessibility, this quick primer will help you make the argument for investing in SEO.

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