Almond Fudge – April Salesforce Trailmix

It’s Trailmix release day and it’s sweet like almond fudge!


  • Demo Storytelling: Craft a compelling customer story with personas, characters, and storyboards.
  • Demo Delivery Essentials: Prep and practice for a perfect demo delivery using techniques from Salesforce experts.


  • Build a Data Model for a Recruiting App: Customize an app using clicks, not code, to give your recruiters easy access to key data.
  • Customize the User Interface for a Recruiting App: Create tabs, quick actions, record types, and more to streamline an app user’s experience.


  • Customer Retention for Managers: Learn how to coach agents effectively and create your dream service workforce.
  • Partner Relationship Management: Learn how Sales Cloud PRM can help you achieve your channel sales goals.
  • Social Media Marketing & Engagement: Listen to your social community, publish compelling content, and engage online.
  • Commerce Cloud Digital: Explore how Commerce Cloud Digital transforms the online shopping experience.
  • Commerce Cloud Digital for Merchandisers: Configure product listings, make them easy to find, and give shoppers discounts they love.
  • Marketing and Service for Commerce Cloud: Unify your service and marketing experience with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform.
  • Digital Transformation: Explore trends causing companies to transform their products and customer relationships.
  • Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience and deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Military-Friendly Workplaces: Implement inclusive workplace policies for military veterans and reservists.
  • Productive Sales Without Digital Distraction: Change your digital habits to improve sales productivity.
  • Pardot Email Marketing: Create and send emails to support your marketing automation strategy.
  • Salesforce Expeditions: Learn how Salesforce can help you redesign your business to drive greater success.
  • Health Cloud Patient Data Displays: Tailor the health timeline, patient card, and list filters to cover your patients’ needs.
  • User Interface API: Build UI for custom Salesforce apps with User Interface API.
  • Marketing Cloud for Consulting Partners: Launch a Marketing Cloud practice to grow your business.


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