Apple Pie – August Salesforce Trailmix

It’s Trailmix release day and we’re diving into it with the same gusto as we do a gorgeous summer fruit pie! Bon appetit!



  • Automate Business Processes for a Recruiting App: Create records, processes, and flows with Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer.
  • Share CRM Data with Your Partners: Learn how to use Salesforce settings to share CRM data securely with partners.


  • Campaign Basics: Learn how to organize and track marketing efforts with the full potential of campaigns.
  • Survey Basics: Gather insights from customers of employees with surveys.
  • Salesforce Adoption Strategies: Get your sales reps (read: development team) using Salesforce to succeed.
  • Sales Performance Analysis: Optimize your sales performance with reports and dashboards.
  • Sales Deal Acceleration: Use reports and dashboards to get stalled sales deals (read: lapsed members, donors, etc.) moving again.
  • Web Chat Basics: Set up a simple-to-use web chat channel using Snap-ins Chat in Lightning Experience.
  • Distributed Marketing Administration: Discover the power of Distributed Marketing and how to implement it.
  • Brand Alignment in Distributed Organizations: Learn how to deliver seamless customer engagement with Distributed Marketing.
  • Contact Center Leadership for Executives: Learn how to lead a contact center in the digital era.
  • Configurable Bundles in Salesforce CPQ: Learn how to create bundles of products using Salesforce CPQ.
  • Wellbeing at Work: Learn about Camp Pono, the employee wellbeing program at Salesforce.
  • Healthy Eating with Salesforce’s Executive Chef: Get info, tips, and recipes to make delicious plant-rich meals.
  • The Value of Sleep: Get tips for better, more restorative sleep so you’re ready to live your best life.
  • Mindful Living with the Plum Village Monastics: Harness the power of mindfulness to reduce stress and create peace and joy in your day.
  • Lighting Dialer: Learn how Lighting Dialer can make sales teams more efficient and productive.
  • AppExchange Checkout: Learn how Checkout helps you manage online payments and monitor sales for your solutions.
  • Project Documentation for Commerce Cloud Functional Architects: Create key functional consulting documents for a successful Commerce Cloud implementation.


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