Changes Coming to foundationConnect

To maintain Salesforce’s high standards for data security, the .NET portal will be retired on October 31, 2020.

[Salesforce recommends] that all customers still on the .NET portal migrate their grantee and reviewer portals to the foundationConnect (fC) Communities Portal prior to this date.

Why is Salesforce retiring the foundationConnect .NET Portal?

Salesforce is retiring the fC .NET portals to provide a more secure experience for grantees and grant reviewers and to focus its ongoing development efforts on the fC Communities Portal. New capabilities like a Lightning login and registration component are part of the Communities portal and are available in the Winter ‘20 release of fC.

How will my foundationConnect .NET portal customers be impacted by this change?

After October 31, 2020, the .NET portal will no longer be available and all links to portals hosted on .NET will throw an error when activated. Customers currently using the Grantee or Reviewer portals in .NET will need to upgrade to the Communities version of these portals.

Contact Fíonta if you have questions about this upcoming change or would like assistance upgrading to the Communities version.