With our partners, Friends of Georgia State Parks, Confluence is developing a module extension for CiviCRM called CiviVolunteer.

CiviVolunteer extends CiviCRM to help organizations manage their volunteers – recruiting, training, assignment, and scheduling through to tracking and rewards programs.

Better volunteer management tools have been on the want list of many a CiviCRM user, dating back as far as 2006. Many of the organizations we work with require tools for managing volunteers apropos to specific events.Early releases of the extension will focus on scheduling and reporting volunteer hours, as well as lay a solid foundation for future functionality. As CiviVolunteer matures, users will benefit from:

  • a clean configuration process to guide them through configuring volunteer projects in CiviCRM;
  • a sign-up form to collect potential volunteers’ interests and availability;
  • the ability for Civi admins to establish different volunteer roles with specific training requirements or other qualifications;
  • reports by project, by date, by volunteer, etc.

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Specifying volunteer needs

Specify Volunteer Needs - CiviVolunteer
Interface for project administrators to specify their volunteer needs

Manage volunteer assignments

Original assignment widget
Original assignment widget

Volunteer signup

The volunteer signup tool will allow administrators to create Volunteer signup pages with fields such as: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Volunteer Need (e.g., Lifeguard – 8am – 12pm, Ticket Taker – time flexible, etc.).

Log volunteer hours

Log Volunteer Hours - CiviCRM
Log volunteer hours

Log personal hours

Volunteers will be able to log their personal hours and note information such as: duration in minutes, start time, and description.


Version 1 will utilize the existing Civi Activity Report with slight modifications to only show volunteer-related activities and assignments.

Additional information can be found at and Use Cases: