Extending the Nonprofit Success Pack using the Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce appexchangeHave you visited the AppExchange (the Salesforce Store) yet? Did you know that you can find an App to easily extend Salesforce within any department in your organization? Similar to Apps available on a mobile phone, the AppExchange includes third party systems that integrate with Salesforce as well as systems built on the Salesforce platform. These capabilities help to extend what your Salesforce system can do, ensuring a single repository to track all interactions with supporters and enabling greater functionality for your organization.

Many of our clients use Apps to eliminate manual data entry for recording online donations and event registrations, integrate and enhance email and marketing automation, advocate for causes, manage volunteers and more!

Salesforce AppExchangeNonprofits face different challenges than for-profit companies, so the App Exchange provides industry solutions, as well as personalized suggestions on their home page, when you log in. If the options based on your function, purchases, and more don’t offer what you need, search within the Nonprofit Industry Collection to reveal a host of recommended solutions.

Or, if you have a specific requirement, try using the Intelligent Search (just like the Global Search in your own Salesforce Instance) to find Apps that meet specific criteria. Enter either a keyword (like “donation”) or the name of an App, and options will appear. Simply entering a keyword search will yield related search options to consider, while entering a specific App name will retrieve that and other comparable alternatives.

Once on the App page, use the Recommendations, Case Studies, Peer Reviews (Ratings) and Best Practices embedded into the site to help you narrow down the App that best meets your needs. The App Advice and Consumer Reports group provides many evaluations and comparisons of Apps for various purposes.

Check to make sure the App is Lightning Ready in the Highlights section of the App Listing. Note that not all Apps are fully lightning compatible, so testing the App in a Sandbox prior to installing in Production is recommended.

Need to learn more about the AppExchange? Salesforce Trailheads provide training to help you understand more about how the AppExchange works, and how to install an App once you’re ready to move forward.

Experience the difference with the Salesforce AppExchange, add your ratings and recommendations to this ever-evolving community of resources, and add your organization to the many satisfied users of Salesforce Apps.