Featured Fiontan: Meet Cooper Westbrook

You’ve been with us for almost six months now. What attracted you to Fíonta?

Initially, it was the core values listed on the website. I’ve been working continuously since I turned 15. In that time, I’ve learned the importance of finding congruency in my personal and professional values. It seems pretty straightforward but wasn’t something we really highlight as a society. So when I came across Fíonta’s core values, I knew that this would be an opportunity to align myself with the kind of work I wanted to produce. Then, as I progressed through the interview process, I saw how wonderful the culture is at Fíonta and that sealed the deal for me! 

Tell us a bit about what you did before you joined Fíonta. How did you become interested in Salesforce?

You know how some birds learn how to fly by being kicked out of the nest? Well, that was my experience.  In my previous role, I was brought on to help set up a completely new service offering.  The project team decided to implement Sales Cloud as the new service was rooted in developing relationships with customers.  I was given the keys and told to build the system. It was humbling really because my boss had confidence that I would be successful. Once I got into the system and found my footing, I was hooked. I loved how I was able to directly impact the team’s workflow with improvements. 

You live very near our DC headquarters but have been remote due to the pandemic since you started. What helps you work effectively in a remote environment?

Developing relationships with my teammates. I’ve been super lucky to work with a good variety of Fíontans, and getting to know them and feeling comfortable asking for help has been key to my remaining effective. 

Share a bit about a project you’ve worked on at Fíonta that is meaningful to you, and why.

I’m really excited to be working on the Lever for Change (LFC) project. First off, the people we’re working with on this project are an absolute joy – like, Marie Kondo would 100% keep them. On a personal level though, I’m passionate about social change and to be able to contribute to their mission is deeply meaningful for me. [Editor’s note: this is the second call-out for Lever for Change in as many months!] 

Which of Fíonta core value(s) strikes closest to home for you? Why?

Do what’s right even when hard. I feel like this value needs to be at the core of humanity, yet it feels as though it grows fainter in the zeitgeist with each passing year.  So, finding a company that has this listed as one of their core values is, for me, immensely refreshing.

How do you see your role at Fíonta evolving over the next year?

I’d love to become a subject matter expert and the “go-to” person for something.  I’m still working on what that will be, but I really enjoy being a resource for others.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working? Hobbies, activities, passions?

In non-pandemic times, I spend a lot of time singing.  I’m in the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington (GMCW) as well as Potomac Fever, a small acappella ensemble within the larger chorus. That usually takes up the majority of my downtime.  During the pandemic, I’ve been learning to cook and spending way too much time on TikTok. And she ain’t equipped to turn down a good podcast either! 

Your bio includes a pretty impressive claim about your fitted sheet folding skills. We’ll need to see some proof, please.

Popcorn or Twizzlers?

I worked at a movie theatre for years, so popcorn has been ruined for me.  Nothing gross or anything, but the smell has unfortunately become nauseating. So definitely Twizzlers. [Editor’s note: Per my bio, this is incorrect. Nothing is better than popcorn.]

Books or magazines?

Audiobooks! ADHD, for me, makes reading very difficult.  I’ll have to read a paragraph five or six times to fully comprehend and then I’m ready to fall asleep from the mental expenditure. Give me an audiobook though and the next thing you know, the laundry & dishes are done, bathroom’s been cleaned, and I’m bustin’ through chapters. 

Airplane or train?

Train all day, every day! I do love flying, but I find the way airlines treat economy passengers to be literally classist and inhumane.  So gimme that Choo Choo! 

Singing or listening?

Let’s just put it this way … when THIS video came out, so many of my friends tagged me in it like “OMG it’s you!”  *Please note, I can’t actually riff like this, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. 

Favorite nut butter?

Give me some extra chunky Jif on a Granny Smith apple slice and I’m a happy bear!