Featured Fíontan: Meet Pon Thirunathan

Meet Pon
Pon and her family enjoying the beautiful outdoors

It’s almost your four-year Fíontaversary! How did you first find out about us?

I was working as .Net developer in a wholesale and retail remainder bookselling company and doing some Salesforce “pet projects”. I saw an opening at Fíonta through Linkedin and I applied and that’s how I landed here.

Tell me a bit about your past work experience.

I worked as a .Net developer for almost 11 years, having started my career as a junior developer in India. I have worked with multiple clients across many industries including nonprofits. Most recently I was a senior developer at Daedalus Books, providing web support, enhancements, and developing on the back-end. It was at Daedalus where I learned Salesforce and began my certification path.

What brought you over to the Salesforce world? What’s the A #1 most rewarding task or project to do in Salesforce?

One of my friends was learning Salesforce and I started studying along with him for fun. Later, I got very into online learning with Salesforce Trailhead and became more serious. I started doing projects at work and got Admin and Developer certifications. I knew I want to be in software development but needed to change the platform and Salesforce was the perfect answer.

As a developer, I will always be biased towards custom development, so, for me, creating generic reusable components in Salesforce is rewarding. I also really enjoy combining a number of processes(code/config) across the same object and bringing that under one precise process.

You have worked with some pretty incredible clients in your time at Fíonta. What’s one project that you’ve been a part of that has been particularly meaningful to you? Why?

All of the clients I have worked with are incredible in their own way, addressing unique causes and making the world a better place. My favorite is the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI), which provides a huge platform for helping people with mental illness. Whenever I see a brochure of NAMI in the places I volunteer, it gives me so much pride and joy that I work with them.

Which Fíonta core value(s) strike home for you and why?

Assume positive intent. This is the one. I am a very positive person and love to see good in people. Everyone has their own set of struggles and issues. If we try and see positive things in everything we see and do, it will make this world a much better place. (Editor’s note: This is so true! Pon is a beacon of positivity!)

What’s Pon doing at Fíonta in a year?

Well, I love working across multiple clients, chasing deadlines, and doing quality work. I am working on many projects which are at different stages from start to finish so bringing them to completion and providing needed support is going to be my priority. The project tasks are always interesting and fluid at Fíonta. I am also planning to get some certifications done. I am currently leading a project so bringing it home with good credits is my goal!

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do?

I have two young kids so that’s where most of my free time goes to. I have a YouTube channel where I talk about things that impress or interest me. I love gardening and taking nature walks with my kids. I love touring Main Streets of small towns although that has become a challenge given COVID-19. I can’t wait to stroll down these gems when this is all over.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee – hands down. It’s an elixir from God.

Blue or green

Bluish green. (Editor’s note: Fíonta teal!)

Convertible or minivan?

Minivan. It’s a part of the family

Singing or dancing?


Preferred nut butter?

Hazelnut chocolate spread. (Editor’s note: Duh)