The Fíonta Note – April 2022

Streamlining fundraising for critical human services in Washington, DC with Nonprofit Cloud

Bread for the City (BFC) has worked for over 40 years to provide essential goods and services – from food, clothing, and diapers to legal advocacy and medical care – to low-income residents of Washington, DC. The organization’s two centers serve approximately 31,000 DC residents annually in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. After wrestling with an inadequate legacy solution, BFC needed to move to a system that was easier for staff to use, integrated better with its accounting tool, and offered more robust marketing automation capabilities to fuel donor engagement. Salesforce was already in use elsewhere in the organization, so BFC decided to harness its powerful functionality for fundraising as well.

Learn more about how BFC leveraged Nonprofit Cloud for donor management, Elevate for online giving, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) and now has greater control over all critical data.

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Is A WordPress Multisite Right For Your Organization?

We often receive inquiries from nonprofit organizations and associations who wonder if a WordPress multisite is the right choice for their organizations’ website needs. They want to manage chapter sites, have several departments that want their “own” websites without managing a complete build, or need a branded website presence for events held annually.

Here are some examples of popular sites using WordPress multisite structure:

  • (millions of blogs with subdomains)
  • BBC America (different sites for different shows)
  • The New York Times (blogs on different topics)
  • Harvard Blogs (teacher-student generated blogs)

WordPress offers robust multisite functionality, which can be a good option for some organizations – but not for all. Read on for our thoughts on determining if a multisite setup is a suitable choice for your nonprofit or organization!

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Ensuring Adoption: User Experience and Change Management

“Change management is essential for launches of new or redesigned internal sites or tools. Informing employees about coming changes goes a long way to easing acceptance of new designs. Preparing users can be as simple as sharing early wireframes or previews of the new designs or keeping them up to date with intranet team’s progress. Even getting people familiar with the idea of change makes them less resistant to it.” – Amy Schade, Nielsen Norman Group

At Fíonta, change management and User Experience (UX) are integral parts of project success. We bring our expertise into these areas into every project so that solutions we develop consider the “people part” of change and in turn are easier for end-users to adopt.

When we can get end-users involved early on in the project, we give them a voice in creating goals and vision for the system and generate user awareness and desire to change. In addition, we use UX work to garner buy-in from and demonstrate immediate value for internal users and teams as part of overall change management and adoption success planning. It’s a winning formula!

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Webinar: Let’s Talk About Grants Management

We covered Salesforce’s free Outbound Funds Module (OFM) in our first webinar – but OFM is also a building block of the most robust native Salesforce tool currently available for grantmaking organizations, Grants Management (GM). What are the differences between the two? How could your organization benefit from implementing GM?

Join Fíonta for an hour-long webinar that highlights the benefits of GM for foundations and other grantmaking organizations. We’ll talk about what GM offers above and beyond core OFM functionality, including its built-in Grantee Portal, private invitation functionality, and capability to house multiple application forms. You’ll also get to see a demonstration of GM and ask your specific questions about the module and the implementation process.

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Webinar: Let’s Talk About Outbound Funds (3/31 at 10am PT / 1pm ET)

Salesforce introduced its Outbound Funds Module (OFM) back in 2020, and since then this free tool has been implemented by many organizations to manage outgoing grants and awards. But how do you know if OFM might be right for your organization? And what precisely can you do with it?

Join Fíonta for an hour-long webinar focused on the nuts and bolts of OFM. We’ll talk about what kinds of funding programs OFM can track, what kinds of requests you can accept, and how you can leverage OFM for better engagement with your applicants and award recipients. You’ll get to see a demonstration of key OFM functionality and ask your specific questions about the module, too.

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