The Fíonta Note – December 2020

There’s no sugarcoating it, this was a hard year for everyone. There were losses and heartbreak and struggles and pain that we simply couldn’t fathom at this time last year. As this last Fíonta Note of the year goes out, we are faced with almost impossible to reconcile dual realities – infection rates beyond our worst imagination and lifesaving vaccine(s) now available to those who need it the most.

It is this ray of hope though that shines a light over the holiday season and reminds us that seeking out the positive and taking a moment to appreciate that which was good, is a worthwhile endeavor. And, with that, please allow us to share 2020 by the numbers.

Projects and Clients

  • 236 technology projects initiated
  • 179 nonprofits and associations served across
  • 28 states

Our Staff

  • 18 states with Fiontans
  • 15 new hires
  • 14 employee relocations
  • promotions
  • babies
  • 1 retirement

The Little Things

  • 11 million* (virtual) “tacos” awarded by employees to employees, in recognition and appreciation of hard work
  • 399 photos posted in “Cute” Slack channel (dogs! cats! babies! repeat!)
  • 130 food pictures in the “Food” Slack channel
  • 10 Zoom concerts by performing artists  
  • 7 employee “show and tell” sessions on Zoom
  • 6 Zoom yoga and meditation sessions 

* The taco channel does not provide an exact count so this is merely an estimate. Actual taco volume may vary widely.

Happy holidays to you and your family and here’s to 2021!