The Fíonta Note – June 2022

Displaying AIDS/LifeCycle Training Data with CRM Analytics

Senior Technical Architect, David Manuel, recently completed his fourth tour of the AIDS/LifeCycle ride, a 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Training begins months in advance as even seasoned cyclists must prepare their bodies for the ride’s protracted distance and required daily mileage. From tracking miles and elevation to incoming donations, David was dealing with a lot of data. So, what’s a Salesforce Architect going to do about that? Analyze the datasets and sources, extract what’s needed, and display multiple sources in one visually pleasing CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau) dashboard.

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Building Employee Community Through Slack

Too often, we forget the meaning behind the innovations we interact with – we forget the why behind the what. Technology serves people and not the other way around.

At Fíonta, our core values have spurred the pursuit of technology that is a force for good and serves people, especially our people. There’s no better platform to leverage than Slack to foster connection for employees that have gone remote or prefer a hybrid work environment and even for those organizations that prefer to work from the office for various reasons. Slack provides a tremendous platform for getting work done and getting it done well – for collaboration in every department from business development to Salesforce consultants to HR and everywhere in between. 

But there’s a world in Slack that extends beyond the given day-to-day life of employee interaction, beyond just work. That world in Slack is meant to be a place where people can do people things – like talk about music and sourdough bread and how difficult today’s Wordle was and good gluten-free recipes and vent about what it’s like being a toddler mom these days and if something is or maybe isn’t compostable. 

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ASAE Annual: Nashville, Here We Come

“Change management is essential for launches of new or redesigned internal sites or tools. Informing employees about

It almost doesn’t feel real – gathering in Nashville for the largest association-focused conference…pinch us!

Back in person for the first time since 2019, ASAE Annual will be held August 20-23. Fíonta will be on the ground with four representatives, giving one presentation, networking at our booth, and sponsoring not one, but two parties with Fonteva and Association Analytics!

We’ll provide more information in next month’s Note but we want to know if you’re planning on attending. Click the Yes, I am! button below if you’re already registered or the Maybe? button if your plans aren’t solid, but you’re hoping to go. We’ll have party invites, booth games, swag, along with a treasure trove of knowledge about using Salesforce for association management.

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Salesforce CRM: Assisting Immigrants Through Court Process

Hola Asistente is a text-based application (SMS messaging and Twilio) that helps immigrants navigate the immigration process. Working closely with Mobile Pathways, we developed a critical part of this program: the system which tracks and updates an individual’s court date.

Immigration court is notorious for changing court dates and times without notification. It is not unheard of for a court date scheduled nine months later to be rescheduled for the following week. If an immigrant misses a court date, even through no fault of their own, their case will be decided by default, and they will be deported from the United States. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that individuals, especially the majority of immigrants who cannot afford an attorney, can keep track of court scheduling. 

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Pride Month Stories

Every day during Pride Month, Fíontan Cody Hamilton has been sharing biographies, articles, and history with us over Slack to honor and celebrate the achievements and stories of the LGBTQI+ community. 

Please share and amplify these resources with your network!

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