The Fíonta Note – March 2022

Is Your Association Ready to Meet the Expectations of Generation N?

We are all part of Generation N – Generation Novel, named after the novel Coronavirus, which is not defined by age. Gen N is a cross-generational consumer segment defined by similar digital behaviors, preferences, and expectations.

The author of the Gen N concept, Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist for Salesforce, talked about it during his ASAE TEC 2021 keynote. His presentation kindled many questions:

  • What does the emergence of Gen N mean for associations?
  • How have member and customer expectations changed?
  • How should associations think differently about value and engagement?

More about Gen N

Salesforce World Tour, Washington D.C.

Salesforce is bringing thought leaders together, in person (safely), on Apr 12, 2022. World Tour events are like mini Dreamforces, with main stage events, product announcements, demos, and networking opportunities. Registration is free, but capacity is limited so if you’re interested please register as soon as possible.

Additionally, Fíonta is hosting an informal happy hour immediately following the World Tour. We’ll meet at a bar within walking distance of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. If you’d like to RSVP in the affirmative for happy hour, please submit your information using this form.

On-Demand Webinar: Tableau CRM – Behold the Awesomeness

Data-driven decision-making is important when it comes to raising funds and retaining donors, but data analysis can be difficult for development staff. We all know that the data extraction > Excel > pivot table > data normalization > graphing process can be time-consuming and imperfect. What if there was a better answer?

Tune into this on-demand demo focused on how nonprofit organizations can pair Tableau CRM with their existing Salesforce data to gain powerful, actionable insight into fundraising and development efforts. Tableau CRM helps you spot trends faster, collaborate with your team better, and sharpen your focus on activities that show meaningful returns with prospects and donors.

Be Awed


What’s So Important About Usability Testing?

Associations and nonprofits often overlook or skip usability testing when implementing a new CRM or AMS, website, or community because they don’t realize what an enormous impact it has on a project’s success. Or they do but they don’t want to spend any time or money on it. When the User Experience (UX) consultant hears that, they get the same face as someone who doesn’t get their promised slice of birthday cake.

If only everyone knew how usability testing actually saves time, money, and stress headaches, no one would ever skip it. Usability testing helps your technology team better understand how users will ultimately interact with your new system or platform. This insight helps developers identify potential problems and make improvements in design, functions, and features. As a result, user adoption is high because the system meets everyone’s needs and expectations.

Improve the User Experience

Webinar: Let’s Talk About Outbound Funds (3/31 at 10am PT / 1pm ET)

Salesforce introduced its Outbound Funds Module (OFM) back in 2020, and since then this free tool has been implemented by many organizations to manage outgoing grants and awards. But how do you know if OFM might be right for your organization? And what precisely can you do with it?

Join Fíonta for an hour-long webinar focused on the nuts and bolts of OFM. We’ll talk about what kinds of funding programs OFM can track, what kinds of requests you can accept, and how you can leverage OFM for better engagement with your applicants and award recipients. You’ll get to see a demonstration of key OFM functionality and ask your specific questions about the module, too.

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