The Fíonta Note – October 2020

Say hello to Tableau!

In August 2019, Salesforce completed the acquisition of Tableau and marked a new milestone – their largest transaction to date. The press release summarized the event as “the world’s #1 CRM and #1 analytics platform coming together to supercharge customer’s digital transformations.” It was a big addition to the Salesforce ecosystem­ ­– $15.7 Billion big.

After the initial rush of excitement, the two organizations seemed to go back to business as usual. Tableau continued to manage their customers, networks, and community, while Salesforce maintained focus on their own. Over the last year, a lot of us in the Salesforce ecosystem have been wondering, waiting, and thinking what next…

We’re a Great Place to Work!

We always knew this was a pretty special company, but now it’s official! Fionta has been certified as a Great Place to Work! To qualify, Fionta employees responded to 60+ survey questions to anonymously rate the organization, and 95% of our employees say we’re a great place to work!

Great Places to Work are companies with a high-trust, positive workplace culture where employees can grow and flourish. Fionta accomplishes this by focusing on our core values: assume positive intent; do what’s right, even when it’s hard; meet people and organizations where they are; be conscientious; and always be improving. We focus on building community, in the office and online (but mostly online these days!) and ensuring our team feels supported and empowered to take on new and bigger challenges.

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Upcoming Events

Thank goodness for virtual! We are hosting a webinar this Thursday and will be presenting and exhibiting at TEC in December. As we learn more about Dreamforce, we’ll share that too. In the meantime, some details are highlighted below!

  • 10/29, 11am PT / 2pm ET:
    Debits and Credits in Salesforce, Oh My!
    Accounting Subledger is a game changer for many organizations. Working hand in hand with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), it uses existing GAU allocation functionality to create journal entries based on all the transactions you track in Salesforce. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate basic configuration, discuss different methods for creating ledger entries, and illustrate how to export data from Salesforce for import into Accounting packages such as Quickbooks or Dynamics/Great Plains. Discover how you can save your Finance team huge amounts of reconciliation time and keep all of your data in Salesforce, your source of truth.
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  • November – December: Dreamforce to You
    Dreamforce has been reimagined for 2020 and registration is now available. Mark Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, will kick off Dreamforce to You on November 12th with his opening keynote. Over the next few weeks, Salesforce will offer presentations and panels featuring artists, authors, and thought leaders. December 15th and 16th are filled with events for admins, developers, architects, and partners, and Dreamforce to You will close on December 18th with a special guest speaker and musical act (as always, the band is a tightly kept secret!) Register now
  • 12/7-12/9: Technology Exploration Conference Powered by ASAE
    Lisa Rau will present What Can Machines Learn and How? Why Associations Should Care and Mark Patterson / Katy Burns will lead a presentation called Reduce Member Churn: Using Predictive Analytics to Anticipate and Avoid Membership Renewal Risk.
    Register now (Free for ASAE members, $145 for non-members)

Membership Renewal Engagement Path with Pardot and Fonteva

This presentation was originally given at FUNcon ’20 (Fonteva’s annual user conference) about how to leverage data from Custom Objects (like Fonteva records) in Salesforce to segment lists, personalize emails, and drive Engagement Paths.

The principles covered in the demo can be applied beyond membership renewal, too! Any campaign with a defined call to action and success metric like donation, required coursework, etc. can leverage the power of Engagement Studio with known data in Salesforce and Salesforce Custom Objects.

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