Form Assembly + Fíonta: Formula for Success


Pratik Paun: Hi, my name is Pratik, and I am the Partner Account Manager at FormAssembly. FormAssembly is an all-in-one form-builder and data collection platform. The platform’s drag-and-drop interface, robust integrations, and high standards of security and compliance make it a reliable streamlined way to collect better data.

David Manuel: Hello, I’m David Manuel, Senior Technical Architect at Fíonta, a Premium Partner. We were founded in 2001 and we have expertise migrating nonprofits and associations of all shapes and sizes to Salesforce. Our staff are certified across the Salesforce clouds, including Nonprofit Cloud, Experience Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and more.

Otto Bremer Trust came to us with a defined need. Since 1944, the Otto Bremer Trust has awarded grants to social impact organizations in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin as part of its strategy to improve the quality of life for residents of those states. Otto Bremer needed to significantly increase the number of brand applications they could process while maximizing efficiency and creating the capacity they needed to grow.

Pratik Paun: When Fíonta reached out to us, Otto Bremer Trust were looking for a robust, powerful data collection platform to connect their brand management tool and send data to Salesforce. We realized that our Enterprise Cloud plan was going to be a great fit for the use case, and we are glad that they decided to do it with FormAssembly.

David Manuel: They changed from using a one-size-fits-all application to one that stratified funding requests based on complexity. This allowed program officers to spend more time on a request where the oversight would have more impact, and less on routine funding requests. We use FormAssembly to enrich their legacy foundationConnect experience, guiding applicants to answer just the questions needed and to ensure that each application is routed to the optimal review process. With the seamless Salesforce integration and FormAssembly’s conditional question capabilities, the burden of grantmaking has been lessened for both applicant and staff.

Pratik Paun: We are so honored to have innovative partners who believe in our product as much as we do and who utilize all of the product’s capabilities to implement time-saving processes for clients. Fíonta is a prime example, and we are so thankful for their partnership.

David Manuel: Our partnership with FormAssembly has shown their solution to be almost infinitely flexible and scalable, time and time again. Our clients love it too because it’s easy to use with just a little training.

Better together.