Fundraising for Technology

One of every nonprofits’ fantasies is a foundation in the business of providing money for technology-focused projects – new websites, databases, fundraising systems or expensive servers, cloud services, and so forth.

Still waiting for this dream foundation to appear? In the mean time, what do you do if you don’t have a (big enough) budget for the technology initiatives you really need?

Many foundations will not pay for infrastructure or general / operating support – their dollars are earmarked for programmatic support. But there are a few strategies you can take to increase your chances of getting funding for your technology initiative even with these restrictions – here are just a few concepts covered in our informative and accessible presentation to help you be successful in funding your technology initiatives:

  • Frame your initiative in a mission-focused purpose. For example, a new website can be a “virtual community outreach tool to connect stakeholders and increase support for [insert your cause here]”. This is almost always possible.
  • Include technology components / a technology-related line item in every grant proposal, as opposed to tracking computers, software and services all as “overhead” expenses. This creates a pool of funding that can “create” the budget for the cross-program technology initiatives you need
  • Always talk to your existing funders / supporters about your idea / need – funders want you to succeed. If your initiative will pay for itself over a reasonable (2-3 year) time frame, all the better!

In addition, consider addressing the underlying issue that causes your nonprofit to need to look elsewhere to move forward on a technology initiative. All nonprofits, no matter how small, should have a technology budget and a technology plan. If something is worth doing, it is worth spending money on – you shouldn’t need to rely on good luck to be able to afford projects that make sense.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.