Increased Data Storage for Salesforce Users

Oh happy day! Salesforce has announced that they are increasing the minimum storage from 1 GB to 10 GB!

The changes applies to both Lightning and Classic and across all versions so everyone will enjoy this increase in storage. The increase will begin to be released in late March and many Fíonta clients have already reported that the change is in place.

If you are paying for increased data storage up to 10 GB, reach out to your Account Executive to reevaluate your storage needs.

EditionBefore Spring ’19After Spring ’19
Professional10 users * 20 MB per user, for 200 MB. Round up to 1 GB total data storage10 users * 20 MB per user + 10 GB. 10.2 GB total data storage

Unlimited10 users * 120 MB, for 1.2 GB total data storage

10 users * 120 MB for 1.2 GB + 10GB total data storage