INFOGRAPHIC: Commuting Trends

Infographic design - Commuting Trends in D.C., L.A., and across the United States

Confluence helps a lot of our clients with data visualization and infographics – a powerful tool for displaying information, data, or statistics in a digestible, visual format. Well-designed infographics take complex data and  clearly and succinctly tell a visual story.

An internal conversation about green trends at Confluence led us to create the above info graphic which shows commuting trends at Confluence, in the cities of Washington, DC and Los Angeles (where our two physical offices are based) versus the United States as a whole. The data proves our hunch that we partake in green commuting methods, like biking, walking and taking public transportation.

As we do with client work, we follow the data and our research uncovered the interesting fact that biking to work increased 60% over the last decade. Given our commitment to biking, and our great love for the D.C. bikeshare program, we rounded out this infographic with a map of the United States that illustrates the 56 (awesome!) cities with a bikeshare program.

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