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Karin Tracy, Pardot Practice Lead / VP Marketing

BLOG: Salesforce’s Latest Innovations to Guide Marketers Through Uncertain Times

Within every crisis there is opportunity. Brands have been forced to accelerate the move to digital to maintain their customer relationships and keep their teams going while working from home. They are reconceptualizing their business models and the customer experience to meet the moment. This will position brands well for the post-pandemic future. Salesforce has identified three core principles to guide marketers through these times.

Honestly, this article had us at this graphic..

EBOOK: 6 Ways To Use Pardot for Nonprofit Marketing

An ebook featuring practical ways nonprofits and associations can use Pardot to communicate with donors, members, staff, volunteers, and other constituents.

I wrote this ebook following a series of successful Pardot engagements with nonprofits and I picked the best-of-the best use cases and mapped to Pardot features.  

BLOG: 5 Creative Ways to Use Automation Rules

Pardot automation allows you to perform seemingly unlimited tasks to help you achieve your overall marketing goals. Automation rules make your job easier when you need to send the same weekly newsletter to more than one list, adjust a prospect’s grade or score, or better segment your database.

Tip #2 is a real winner – combine completion actions with automation rules to take action after prospects have done a specific combination of activities, like to send an email to a prospect who viewed your donate page but did not complete a donation.

BLOG: 11 Must-Try Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead nurturing is a powerful tool — and not just for your marketing and sales teams, but for your customer service team as well. While it’s often marketed as a way to engage with non sales-ready leads during the sales process, the applications of lead nurturing actually extend through the entire length of the buyer journey, from initial brand awareness to a repeat customer.

Consider an onboarding Engagement Path for new members or volunteers – dispense documents or resources via email over a period of weeks and even keep on an eye on whether the emails are read or requested actions taken.

BLOG: 14 Content Marketing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

According to Gartner, the average percentage of total marketing budget spent on content marketing is 26% (among all respondents). Skilled states that over 85% of all marketers worldwide use content marketing to generate more sales. The key question is how to measure the success of your content marketing efforts so you know whether or not it is driving growth.

A quick and easy-to-digest checklist of important KPIs for marketing and content teams.   

BLOG: How to Mass Update Pardot Email Templates
Invest time in setting up Snippets for email content blocks and you will thank your future self when you are able to update content in one place, and changes cascade down immediately.

Snippets are a newer Pardot feature that are especially helpful for email template footers, privacy policy content, and so on.

BLOG: 6 Advanced Pardot Form Features You Should Be Using
Pardot Form advanced features that out-of-the-box can be overlooked. Whether you’re new to Pardot or you’re a long time user looking to change up your forms a bit and use some of the advanced features, this post will help you get some creative ideas on how to spice up your forms.

Use personalized content on Thank You pages – this was such a good idea we wish we thought of it ourselves! With dynamic content and/or variable tags, you can completely customize the content on a Thank You page. Take the opportunity to personalize content based on data Pardot already knows about the prospect which may include member status, last donation amount, interest area, etc.

VIDEO: How to use “Opens” as a Suppression List in Pardot

In this episode of The Fíonta Five-ish, we tackled a common Pardot request…how to send out a followup email to people who did not open the original email. It’s so easy that this Five-ish video is more like Four-ish!

If we think it’s helpful and do this ourselves, we’re sharing it with our clients!

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