Juneberry – June Salesforce Trailmix

It’s Trailmix release day! Ever heard of a juneberry? Don’t feel bad, neither had we! According to Smallfarms.cornell.edu, the juneberry has a flavor similar to dark cherries or raisins and a milder taste than a blueberry. Who knew?! This month’s Trailmix looks positively packed with jammy goodness and includes three projects which is rare. Have fun!


  • Build an Automated CI/CD Pipeline with GitLab: Integrate with GitLab and define steps for efficient application development.
  • Build an iOS App that Uses Chatbots: Use Xcode, the Embedded Service SDK, and the power of AI to enhance the mobile experience.
  • Build a Mobile Insurance App with Swift and the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS: Use Swift core concepts and the Salesforce Mobile SDK to create a rich mobile experience.


Check out the full Trailmix on Trailhead.Salesforce.com.