Mint Chip – May Salesforce Trailmix

Salesforce Trailmix - Trailhead Projects, Superbadges, and Trails

Salesforce releases new trails and trailmixes – a curated mix of superbadges, trails, modules, and projects – frequently and today’s release is called Mint Chip. Everyone knows mint chip is the best ice cream flavor, hands down, so this is definitely a trailmix we’re diving right in to!

If you aren’t familiar with trails, trailmixes, or Trailhead, check out our video series about Salesforce’s exceptional and FREE online training program.

Included in Mint Chip are:




  • Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App
  • Keep Data Secure in a Recruiting App
  • Prepare Your Salesforce Org for Users
  • Protect Your Data in Salesforce
  • Customize a Salesforce Object


  • Competitor Tracking in Salesforce
  • Salesforce & Pardot Integration
  • B2B Marketing Analytics Basics
  • Team Engagement for Customer Service Managers
  • Salesforce CPQ Features
  • Summer ’18 Release Highlights
  • Communication Skills for Customer Service Agents