Salesforce Summer 18: Personalize Navigation Bar

The Salesforce Summer ’18 release is chockful of new functionality – from small to large. While personalizing your navigation bar in Salesforce may not sound super exciting, we’ve found this update a real time (and sanity!) saver.

You can now add either Salesforce Objects or Favorite List Views to the navigation bar. If you reference objects that are not currently in your NavBar, and/or you have several ‘go to’ list views, it is now easier than ever to access these.

The first step is to make sure that the App you use is upgraded to, or created in, Lightning Experience. If this is not the case, there will be an ‘i’ on the right edge of the App instead of a pencil.

Classic Salesforce App

Once the App has been upgraded, click on the pencil that now appears in the upper right corner to add Objects and/or frequently used Favorite List Views to your Nav Bar.