PFLAG: Design & Development Awards

Graphic Design USA and The W3 Awards honors Confluence for the design and development of

And now a quick anecdote from our very own in-house wizard, Josh, talking about why we do the things we do at Confluence:

‘I joined Erin (one of our talented PMs) on a conference call the week after the Orlando shootings at the Pulse nightclub. That past weekend I had visited the newly launched PFLAG site and I visited the PFLAG twitter and Facebook feeds right from the site. It seems so simple, but on this new site…the information was right there for me.

What I found, in addition to sentiments and sorrow, was that PFLAG was responding quite professionally to what I can only call rampant ignorance. Ignorance that I sometimes forget exists (possibly through denial), but there it was. On my couch that day after the shootings – I was angry.

While we were waiting for everyone to join the conference call, I asked PFLAG how they do it – How do they respond to such ignorance with such calm – They responded simply, with great patience.

The conversation continued – You could hear the exhaustion in their voices. They had been for way too many hours handling the response to this awful tragedy.

This isn’t just a website – This is a media outlet – A place for a voice that we need to be heard and heard loud because without it…ignorance wins.'”