The Philanthropy Cloud and PSR just announced the launch of Philanthropy Cloud, a new platform enabling corporations and employees to make an impact to the causes they care about.

This collaboration combines the strengths of two behemoths in their respective realms:

  • United Way, with over 100 years of experience, thousands of corporate partners, and the world’s leader in workplace philanthropy, and
  • Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform with innovation at its core.

Combining a shared vision to connect employees with the causes they are most passionate about, this partnership offers a do-it-yourself platform for individuals to change the world.

Salesforce studies indicate that employees are happier when they participate in volunteering, and a substantial number of employees are more likely to volunteer if opportunities to do so are suggested to them. According to Triplepundit, ninety-seven percent of millennials want to apply their specific skills to volunteering and students entering the workforce indicate that they want to ‘make an impact’.

Given the above statistics, today’s philanthropists will need a powerful tool that combines the efficiency and automation they’ve become accustomed to when they consider how and where to give. Enter the ‘Philanthropy Cloud’, a one-stop shop for accessing worldwide, yet focused donation and volunteer options for employees and organizations. Philanthropy Cloud will match individual preferences and interests using artificial intelligence (AI) and social and mobile networks, giving philanthropists an array of nonprofit choices to create their own social good footprint. A single network will connect individuals, corporations, foundations, and nonprofits with just one click.

Organizations can become involved in any number of ways, from engaging your employees, managing personal, corporate and community impact to building movements with like-minded patrons. Share thoughtful commentary, engage more meaningfully with your community, and motivate employees with the results of your mutual efforts.

All on a simple to use platform with the support of two trusted partners, United Way and

Get ready to embrace a new buzzword, PSR – Personal Social Responsibility. By encouraging and enabling PSR, Philanthropy Cloud will mobilize corporations and employees alike to take action both where it’s needed as well as for causes relevant to each entity and/or individual.

Slated for a summer release, Philanthropy Cloud is destined to become a powerful and relevant tool for organizations to encourage and support the causes that they and their employees believe in.

In essence, Philanthropy Cloud, by providing a seamless platform with a multitude of alternatives, allows each organization and individual an opportunity to ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’ [Mahatma Gandhi] more than ever before.

Learn more about Philanthropy Cloud on the website.