Reindeer – December Salesforce Trailmix

It’s Trailmix time!

Salesforce Trailhead - Free Salesforce Training

If you aren’t familiar with Salesforce’s Trailhead, it’s a free resource filled with Salesforce learning saved in consumable nugget-sized Trails. Trailmixes are a yummy snack made with chocolate chips, nuts and dried fruit…oh wait! Different trail mix.

A Trailhead Trailmix is a curated series of trails, modules, superbadges, and projects that generally follow a theme. Individuals can create Trailmixes for themselves or colleagues; Salesforce often puts Trailmixes together to demonstrate new releases and tools.

Released today, in the spirit of winter (and the Winter ’18 Salesforce release), is Reindeer. With over 23 hours of free training, Reindeer includes 1 Superbadge, 1 Trail, 9 modules, and 2 projects. A sequential path is suggested, but you can pick and choose relevant resources.

Whether you’re looking to take a deep dive into Salesforce or simply want to get an overview of its offerings, there’s no better place to start than Trailhead.