Salesforce Summer ’18: Report Management

Better report and dashboard folder organization with report subfolders!

Among other fantastic new features, Salesforce’s Summer ’18 release offers improved folder organization.

As a first step, spend some time thinking about what folder structure is most appropriate for your organization. Consider both reports and dashboards. Then, create the main folder, open that folder, and create your first subfolder by clicking the ‘New Folder’ button.

Organizing folders in Salesforce

Lighting report builder

For those accustomed to the Classic report builder, this will take some getting used to. But, like everything else Lightning, once you use it a few times, you realize just how much easier it is to create and build reports.

Choose report type interface is easy to search and navigate.

Lightning Report Builder

Choose fields in Outline, filter, group, and remove fields on the left with the x button.

Building reports in Lightning is easier and more intuitive with these functional and user interface improvements!

Report column views

Select fields to display in your report view by clicking on the gear icon in the upper left corner for more choices, including ‘Last Modified By’, ‘Last Modified Date’ and ‘Report Last Run Date’.

Column Views in Salesforce Lightning

Select fields to display