Salesforce Summer ’19 is Almost Here!

Salesforce Summer ’19 release is packed full of new features and compelling updates to existing functionality. Our top picks include both admin and user enhancements that will knock your socks off!

User Features

View Record in Full View

Have you ever wished you could see everything about a record without having to click anywhere on the page? Introducing, ‘Full View’ (below left), which displays all details and related lists on the same page, for a more comprehensive view of the record. The pre-Summer 19 view is now called ‘Grouped View’ (below right).

“Full View” – Summer ’19

Admin Note: Go to Setup under ‘Record Page Settings’. ‘Full View’ is not available when there are too many fields and/or related lists to convey to ‘Full View’.

Related List Enhancements and Related List Filters

 Related lists on records now work like List Views in Salesforce Lightning!

  • increase the number of records you see on a related list to 30
  • get up to all 10 columns in the view on the related list
  • sort your related list by any column
  • perform mass actions, like ‘Add to Campaign’ [when that action is available]
  • resize your columns – which sticks when you come back
  • wrap text within columns
  • filter the related list*

*A newly added icon in the upper right corner allows filtering of related lists.

  • any column on the related list is filterable
  • filtered views are visible only to the user doing the filtering
  • take action on these filtered related lists to make quick updat­­es
Related List Filter – Summer ’19

High Velocity Sales

Struggling to standardize your sales/development process? Using these features and screens, organizations can embed their best practices for working with leads and contacts while providing the information needed most to work smarter. Linking sales cadences together to ensure consistency whether the sales/development process is simple or complex, high velocity sales enables reps to work more efficiently with clients and prospects.

Einstein Campaign Insights

Dive deeper into campaign management: what is working and why, easily and effortlessly. Einstein Campaign Insights provides tools to evaluate the performance of campaigns, who’s engaging with what assets and when, within each campaign. Analyze behavior, call out similarities among campaign members and, ultimately, enable marketers to maximize campaign effectiveness.

Einstein Analytics Visual Data Prep

Tired of manipulating data either in Salesforce or excel? Now you can eliminate time spent manually aggregating data, combining data, spotting consistencies and anomalies, and managing imperfect data. Blending your data with the power of Einstein, transforms it with the click of a mouse.

Administrative Features

Scratch Org Version Selection

Preparation for a new release is critical. In Summer ’19, Scratch Org Version Selection gives you the option to create a Salesforce instance in the next release so your team can test applications and catch bugs early without requiring any additional setup. The instance is usable in any major release window after the sandbox upgrade has completed. Consider trying it out in the transition from Summer ’19 to Winter ’20 later this year!

Unlocked Packaging Enhancements

When you want more control over how a package is installed, and what stays and goes with upgrades, Summer ’19 provides choices during install with ‘Advanced options’. Installers are given the ability to choose two new features – Apex Compile Mode and Package Upgrade Mode (for installs that are upgrades), as well as decisions around how packages handle upgraded components.

Lightning Experience Configuration Converter: Scanning and Preparing Visualforce Pages

The lightning evaluation provides identification and instructions to more easily update those VisualForce pages that don’t yet work in Lightning.

In-App Guidance

Standardize learning and using Salesforce within your organization. Create prompts that improve onboarding, communicate best practices, configurations and new features or simply spread organization news.

These prompts can provide users with meaningful and tailored guidance with or without links [to Trailheads and other supporting documentation] to enhance their use of Salesforce.

Target your audience for each prompt, where the prompt appears [on which object and where on the page] and the duration that it appears [once, twice, for a month, etc].

On the back end, view engagement stats on how users have interacted with your prompts, giving you insight to fine tune prompts and recognize users.

Mission Enhancements – Community Cloud

Automate the assignment of badges based on defined actions to improve community engagement. As users respond to questions or post articles, for example, badges can be set to be awarded for those specific community activities.

In addition, give users the ability to track their progression towards achieving their goals. The administrator sets the parameters for the number of answers [threshold] that need to be provided to earn a particular badge, which is available for the user to see as their actions move them towards earning that badge.

Mobile Publisher for Communities

Easily configure your Community pages for the best mobile experience by users with single click updates.

Summer ’19 Release Highlights Trailhead