The Fíonta Note – April 2020

Moving forward during COVID-19

The world has been upended over the past several weeks and while there is plenty to worry about and new “normals” to adjust to, there are rays of hope that cannot be extinguished. We see it every day in the level of personal engagement between our employees as they work from home and lean on Slack and Zoom for communication, in the first few minutes of client calls where “How are you doing?” is a moment to truly check in with the other, and in our weekly concert series as employees, friends, and families join to experience music together.

We hope you are finding the silver lining to this experience and that, like us, will try hard to hold onto that which makes this all bearable—human connection. Wishing you health…

Does It Bring You Joy? 13 Ways Nonprofits Can Declutter and Reset for Spring

When the world around you is out of order, it feels good to bring order to the things in your control. Marie Kondo would approve of this philosophy. She said, “Putting your nonprofit in order is the magic that creates a vibrant and happy life.”

Okay, you got me, she said “house,” not “nonprofit,” but her message works for nonprofits too. When you declutter and apply a little self-care to your nonprofit, you will improve your team’s efficiency, productivity, and, yes, happiness too.

Welcoming New Clients

  • Emergency Nurses Association: Fíonta will perform a Salesforce implementation for ENA.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness: Building on our multi-year relationship, we will work with NAMI to integrate Box Platform with Community Cloud.
  • Meridian International Center: We will provide Salesforce and Pardot enhancements for this global leadership organization.
  • Patient Access Network Foundation: Fíonta will implement and configure Salesforce and Pardot, as well as integrate several third-party tools including Classy for online fundraising.
  • Other new clients are posted online

How Salesforce is Supporting Organizations During COVID-19

We are a Salesforce partner, which means that we participate in their partnership program and configure and integrate Salesforce cloud-based solutions. We entered the partner program for two reasons—we believe the tech to be superior to any other CRM on the market and we have faith in the company as a good corporate citizen.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Salesforce has been developing packaged solutions for healthcare organizations as well as reducing or eliminating license costs for many of its products to support and enhance the remote work / telework experience.

Upcoming Events

While we don’t yet know how summer and fall events will be affected by COVID-19, we are moving ahead with virtual events and webinars.

  • XForce Data Summit (4/30, 1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET): Karin Tracy will give a presentation called “Marketing Automation: Personalized Communication at Scale”. Free registration.
  • TogetherAtHome (4/30, 4pm PT / 7pm ET): Join Eric Petersen for Broadway showtunes! Donation is $5 or pay what you can. More info and link to join is online.
  • Webinar (5/7, 11am PT / 2pm ET): Automate it! Leveraging Pardot during COVID-19 and Beyond! Register in advance.
  • TogetherAtHome (5/7, 4pm PT / 7pm ET): Join Elizabeth Moran, an internationally acclaimed soprano for a special performance! Donation is $5 or pay what you can. More info and link to join is online.

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