UI Options to Drive Traffic to COVID-19 Resources

Our nonprofit and association clients are all working hard to disseminate COVID-19 alerts and resources to their end-users via their website. Two ways to call attention and drive users to resources page are to display a popup window or to utilize a slide-up bar, commonly used to communicate information about cookies in use on a site.

Both Drupal and WordPress have modules and plugins to support either option above and third-party services like Optin Monster provide WYSIWYG editing and analytics around usage.

Popup Window

Popup window by Optin Monster

This type of popup, sometimes called a shadowbox, can be programmed to appear (or not appear) when certain criteria is met (or not met). For example, you can choose to have it display on the homepage only or all pages or all blog posts, not appear again for 7 days or 30 days after someone closes it, or choose to show one popup on mobile and another desktop.

“Cookie” Bar

Cookie bar by Optin Monster

A bar like the one shown above is a way to display more information and to create an intentionally more obtrusive experience. With the need to convey critically important information at this time, obtrusive is a reasonable tactic and your nonprofit may find that this is a better solution. The same types of display rules can be set up through Optin Monster as described above for the popup window.

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Reach out to Fíonta if you’d like assistance designing or implementing a popup or cookie bar to drive traffic to critical pages on your nonprofit or association website!