Get Started “Lightning Upgrade”

As of October 2019 (Salesforce Winter Release), Salesforce began activating Lightning automatically for users.

Lightning is a framework and a user interface that represents a huge leap from the “Classic” interface. With a modern and streamlined user interface, Lightning is optimized for a supreme mobile (or desktop) experience.

Migrate from Classic to Lightning with Fionta’s Get Started Package, which includes:

  1. Lightning Readiness Assessment. Fíonta will manually inspect your Classic Salesforce instance and gather additional information provided by the Salesforce Lightning Readiness Assessment to gauge the level of effort necessary to upgrade from Classic to Lightning.
  2. Gap Analysis and Recommendations. A gap analysis will identify any areas not compatible with Lightning and provide recommendations to remediate as well as highlight new Lighting-only features that will increase productivity.
  3. Configuration and Rollout Plan. Lightning and third-party apps will be configured. In collaboration with your team, we will develop a comprehensive rollout plan with key stakeholders and pilot users, rollout schedule, defined measures for success, and more.
  4. Training and Adoption Support. Training is a combination of Salesforce resources (delivered through Trailhead) and customized personalized training to ensure staff can perform their tasks and take advantage of Lightning features.