Unified website organizing a plethora of resources

Enterprise Community Partners, headquartered in Columbia Maryland and founded by distinguished urban planner James Rouse, is committed to housing for low- and moderate-income people.

The overall goal for the project was to unify three separate web properties into one cohesive website that could support two distinct but related brand identities.

Fíonta built a responsive, modern site allowing visitors to easily find related resources, and allowing site administrators to easily manage constant content updates.

Enterprise Community Partners Drupal website design and development
The mobile user experience was carefully considered – of utmost importance because Enterprise serves an immense volume of content on its website.


Large volume of content from disparate places with a need for extreme customizability

  • Organizing an enormous amount of content into a robust taxonomy structure with complex dynamic functionality.
  • Merging three separate websites with little interconnectivity and disjointed branding into a cogent site.
  • Implementing an easy-to-use content management system while also allowing administrators to heavily customize content displays, such as determining which types and categories of associated content would be attached to a page.
Enterprise Community Partners Various Templates
Myriad templates were designed and developed for ECP’s many content managers.


Complex, multifaceted site with unified design

  • Defined a content strategy with a number of content types and complex taxonomy, facilitating the dynamic display and repurposing of related content throughout the site.
  • Designed and built a responsive Drupal 8 website with distinctly branded template options that administrators select based on whether the content is owned by the nonprofit or for-profit arm.
  • Built custom features to dynamically display content based on analogous tags including showing associated blogs, resources, events, and people on each piece of content.
  • Created a custom blog with features including filters by topic, author, start and end date; featured blog posts pinned to the top of the blog; categories by topic and region; multiple authors per post; social sharing; and an embedded Twitter feed containing related hashtags.
  • Created a Resource Center styled to match the look and feel of the blog, making downloadable resources easy to find with multiple filtering options and tagging to enable dynamic displays of associated resources.
  • Developed flexible templates using Layout Builder for a series of pseudo-microsites within the main site to feature content for unique campaigns and resources, such as the Community Engagement Toolkit, Opportunity360, Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding, and Design Matters.
  • Customized Solr site search with featured results and configurable search synonyms to maximize administrator control of search results.
  • Implemented Google Tag Manager to allow robust tracking of visitor interactions of the site, enabling staff to monitor engagement and adjust strategy based on audience behavior.
  • Implemented Okta SSO to facilitate quick Drupal logins for the high number of staff content editors.
Enterprise Community Partners Style Guide
Enterprise Community Partners Style Guide