Project Overview

Historic Hudson Valley has a modern, responsive WordPress website which is simple for site admins to maintain and update. The site is more intuitive and easier to keep current, meaning that visitors can quickly navigate to the information they seek.

Fíonta worked with HHV to create a modern, dynamic new WordPress website to promote its activities and partners.

Historic Hudson Valley WordPress Website


Aging website and confusing user experience

  • Aging Drupal 6 website was not user-friendly for either site admins or visitors.
  • The site had a dated look and feel, and was difficult to maintain due to a complicated taxonomy structure and had a dated look and feel.
  • Website host required more proactive maintenance than HHV had time or resources to give.


  • Fíonta vetted several WordPress theme options reflecting the tourism focus of the site, with an emphasis on easy-to-navigate location and event information as well as eye-catching photography.
  • After selecting the final theme and setting up the basic site structure, the Fíonta team worked closely with HHV to complete additional customizations of the theme and identify and solve for further functional needs. This process of weekly iteration allowed the HHV team to get hands-on in the new WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to learn the CMS and become familiar with the structure of their new site.
  • Fíonta also provided consulting on hosting providers to meet the client’s needs, ultimately launching the site on managed hosting provider Pantheon.