Established in 1962, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia (LCNV) provides low-cost English language and literacy classes and prepares students for workforce entry through classroom, small group, and tutorial instruction.
Fíonta utilized Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and elements of the Nonprofit Success Pack and helped LCNV say goodbye to paper and onerous data entry and reporting tasks.


  • Outdated Microsoft Access database prevented streamlined data entry and daily tasks for all literacy services required manual manipulation
  • Database limitations caused significant amounts of duplicate data, hindering data clarity and reporting
  • Unable to efficiently manage volunteers due to manual tracking in spreadsheet-based process
  • Donor tracking, prospecting, and fundraising efforts not fully integrated
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia Salesforce / HEDA


  • Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) and elements of the NPSP accommodate Services and Cultivation and meet LCNV tracking needs
  • Donations are now tied to the appropriate entity, enabling a clear view of an Organization’s or Individual’s donation history, cumulative reporting, and donor cultivation
  • Salesforce Communities eliminated the use of paper to communicate classes and student rosters to teachers and
    provide an easy method for adding, tracking, and viewing course hours, test scores, and goals for each student
  • Integration of a number of value-added Apps, including GridBuddy, iATS, Drawloop, Matching Gifts, Volunteers for Salesforce, Demand Tools, DupeBlocker, and more


Salesforce Higher Ed Data Architecture

The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia, supported by and HEDA, has decreased the time it has to spend on recording and reporting tasks and freed up resources like staff, teachers, and volunteers to focus on the mission of empowering low literacy and immigrant adults!