Provide simplified access to homelessness resources

The Community Partnership coordinates the District of Columbia’s Continuum of Care on behalf of the city. Through the work of their providers, the D.C. Continuum of Care includes prevention services, street outreach efforts, emergency shelter, transitional housing and permanent supportive housing for individuals and families.

The new website needed to quickly direct people in need of help to the right resources. The website also needed to assist landlords and providers in finding information as well as tell the story of homelessness in DC.

Fíonta built a dynamic, modern site that enables service recipients to quickly find help for their specific needs. The site also caters to TCP’s landlords, service providers, and volunteers by providing them filterable libraries containing relevant resources.

A snapshot of the Provider landing page in TCP's website
Highly curated landing pages were built for TCP’s providers and landlords.


Many hard to find resources for unique audiences

  • Streamlining the input of direct service provider information for the TCP team.
  • Creating separate resource repositories for TCP’s unique audiences.
  • Finding a way to tell the story of homelessness in D.C. and TCP’s impact on the problem.
  • Implementing an easy-to-use content management system while also allowing administrators to customize content displays.
Prototype of TCP's new "I Need Help" section compared to the final design.
Fíonta worked with TCP to first create clickable prototypes that demonstrated the flow of the new “I Need Help” section of the website prior to development.


Dynamic and vibrant site that serves up vital information

  • Strategized and built a mobile-first brand new “I Need Help” section aimed at enabling homeless and at-risk individuals to quickly find help for their specific needs.
  • Defined a content strategy with a number of content types and taxonomies to create audience-specific resource repositories.
  • Created new sections of the site that focus on homelessness in D.C. and highlight the work TCP does in response.
  • Designed and built a responsive WordPress website with customizable templates.
  • Built structures that dynamically display content based on analogous tags including showing associated news, resources, and FAQs.
  • Created highly curated landing pages for Landlords and Providers to give them quick access to content relevant to them.
Design styles used on the new TCP website
Fíonta designed new user interface styles for the website based on TCP’s existing brand guidelines.