Meron Menwyelet

Senior Project Manager

Meron Menwyelet is a senior project manager, where she manages Salesforce implementation and improvement projects, as well as web development projects for non-profit clients.

Before joining Fíonta, Meron served as a program manager for All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development at World Vision where she designed and managed a series of prize competitions that leveraged technology to improve reading outcomes for children with disabilities and those who live in low resource countries.

Meron also served as a project manager for technology and innovation programs at the National Democratic Institute where she designed and implemented democracy and governance programs that supported political parties, civil society organizations, and civic activists in promoting transparency and accountability in government.

Meron is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service program where she focused on international development, good governance, and innovation. Meron also earned her BA in political science and international development from Colorado State University.

Meron is an avid yogi and loves to hit the trails in her free time. She’s a travel enthusiast and is always up for a new adventure!