Ziyan Liu

Associate Salesforce Consultant

Ziyan lives to question, create, and change the world. As a Salesforce Consultant at Fíonta, she gets to do all three as she uncovers technological issues with nonprofit partners and finds creative solutions to define best practices. Ziyan believes nonprofits serve a critical role in our society, and they deserve the best technology to accomplish their mission. As a result, she aspires to develop and promote outcomes-focused, human-centered technology solutions to nonprofits, helping them overcome technological obstacles to their mission. By creating automation for their business processes, she helps nonprofits leverage Salesforce, web, and other tools to multiply the impact of their efforts. Ziyan came to Fíonta with five years of experience on the Salesforce platform. She is keen to practice full-stack Salesforce implementation solutions, with skills ranging from configuring new instances to writing Apex triggers. Additionally, with a background in data science, software, and web development, she is definitely ready to use this knowledge to aid her job in consulting. She is a Salesforce certified Administrator, Nonprofit Cloud consultant, and Platform App Builder I.

Prior to joining Fíonta, Ziyan worked as a Salesforce Administrator at Georgetown University McDonough Business School, where she spent her time immersed in the Salesforce platform while acquiring years of experience working at a higher education institution. Besides Salesforce, she has covered multiple roles across software development, data analytics, and public policy research. While these have been very different paths, the skills of thinking analytically, tackling ambiguous problems systematically, mobilizing talents strategically, and always applying an entrepreneurial spirit have been common threads.

Ziyan graduated from Georgetown University with a M.S. in Data Science and a B.S. in Computer Science and Political Science. She has spent 1/4 of her life living in Washington, DC, where she will never be tired of exploring local music venues. In her spare time, she likes to create beautiful data visualizations for her portfolio and try out new mixology recipes. Other times, she can either be found jamming in the drum studio or sparring at a boxing gym. Ziyan volunteers for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and has proudly fostered seven furry puppers since she got involved in 2017.

  • Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

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