Website Development

Fíonta provides award-winning web application design, development, and integration services, using software engineering best practices. We partner with industry leaders, such as Pantheon, and leverage the open source content management systems Drupal and WordPress.


Whether your organization needs a website redesign, content overhaul, Salesforce integration, or custom web application, Fíonta’s human-centered approach emphasizes real-world scenarios and results. Examples include:

  • A mental health organization with a decade-old website sailed smoothly through the traditional wireframe and design phases of a long overdue website redesign, but had no experience managing dynamic content in a modern CMS. We followed up the redesign with a targeted content strategy engagement, ensuring that their CMS templates would meet their real-world needs for ease of administration and sustainability. We also worked with them hands-on to migrate key content areas, so that the content would meet their audience’s expectations and their own goals for those audiences.
  • A national organization needed to automate the exchange of resources between local affiliated organizations across the country. We created a custom matching engine, delivered via Drupal, to connect those with needs and those with availability. Decoupled from the CMS, the matching engine could be developed using software engineering best practices, ensuring its flexibility and scalability. In turn, CMS development occurred independently and in parallel.
  • A community development organization wanted to create a searchable database of tools and resources for key constituents. Prior to starting Drupal development, we undertook a critical user testing period where navigation, terminology, layout, and design elements were tested with actual users. Crucial insights from these tests were incorporated back into the design of the site, resulting in a more effective tool and a significant cost savings compared to re-building portions of the site later.
  • An environmental organization wished to create a vibrant online community with a rich library of resources for achieving environmental goals. The community could have been built in Salesforce Communities or a traditional CMS. We helped the organization align internally around a prioritized set of goals, while simultaneously undertaking user experience design. The parallel tracks ultimately helped the organization make an informed, clear decision on the technology platform.