Google Analytics / SEO

Fionta provides Google Analytics assistance to our clients – either as part of a website redesign project or on an adhoc basis.

Google Analytics Qualified Individual

Google Analytics is used to track all user activity on a website and is an invaluable tool to track the success of campaigns, keywords, events, and goals. Our staff, Google Analytics Qualified Individuals, have deep expertise setting up, managing, and training clients on the use of both Google Analytics Universal and Google Tag Manager.

Services may include:

  • Setup of Google Analytics Universal or upgrade from Google Analytics Classic
  • Documentation of key performance indicators (KPIs) and creation of Goals within Analytics
  • Custom dashboards and/or shortcuts
  • Staff training
  • Event and User ID tracking with Google Tag Manager

Search Engine Optimization

Fíonta works with our clients on search engine optimization and we treat the SEO process with a holistic respect. SEO is not merely a phase of the project—SEO best practices are part of every aspect of a web design project.

We perform the following services throughout the web design process:

  • Content inventory
  • Strategic naming of sections and pages during information architecture
  • Design of system text fonts to ensure readability by search engines
  • Use of imagery to support design and messaging, but not at the cost of page readability
  • Utilizing alt tags on all images
  • Working with clients to craft unique and descriptive browser titles
  • Reviewing content to ensure keyword density
  • Educating clients about ongoing SEO best practices
  • Submitting launched site to major search engines and setting up Google Search Console

Additionally, we can assist clients with keyword research using a proven five-step methodology to generate keyword ideas, test and validate those keywords and track page rank change over a set number of weeks/months. Fíonta has assisted clients with blog writing and implementation and the creation of keyword specific landing pages to increase page rank on specific keywords.