Salesforce Integration

In addition to website design and development, Fíonta has expertise integrating WordPress and Drupal websites with Salesforce.

Your organization’s website is often the first place that people visit and start to share their information with you. As such, there are myriad touchpoints between front-end websites and Salesforce CRM. Whether a user is coming to donate, subscribe to your newsletter or register for an event, you need to get that information into Salesforce. With bi-directional sync, your website can also pull and show data stored in Salesforce, such as lists of sponsors or grantees, program data, chapter or affiliate information, or some other personalized experience based on the visitor’s profile.

How Can We Help?

Web to Lead form: Native to Salesforce, the Web to Lead function is an embedded form on your website that sends submitted data to Salesforce as a Lead.

CMS form plugins or modules: Form builders that are managed from within your CMS (WordPress or Drupal) and provide greater flexibility for form creation. Data can be submitted to Leads and other standard or custom objects in Salesforce.

Advanced form builders: Think of these tools as CMS form builders on steroids. These systems offer additional features such a pre-filling form fields with Salesforce data via bi-directional integration and handle more complex operations within a form.

Third-party services / Apps: Third party services and apps with Salesforce integration are often included as part of tools like donation or event registration services. Examples include iATS, Stripe, Classy, Soapbox Engage, Cvent, MailChimp. The forms submit data to the service, which then connects to Salesforce through the Salesforce API or through an App from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Custom WordPress or Drupal and Salesforce integration: If you have more complex needs for your nonprofit CRM and Salesforce integration, you might consider doing custom development. This can help you bring data into Salesforce from other services, and/or to display information from Salesforce on a website.

User interface and form design: Fíonta’s design team is adept at creating forms that follow best practices for user experience and accessibility.